December 17, 2011

need vs want

With Christmas a week away, we've had a lot of discussions around here about need vs want. I don't need anything for Christmas, but I can always find plenty of wants when I go to the Antique Mall just right down the street.

So this will be my fix, my 'wake up on Christmas morning fun' to satisfy my wants. Because even though (almost) all of these are yummy, I don't need any of them.

Yummy (don't ask my why I keep using that word) teapot with my favorite - polka dots. A disco tea set. I think it is a bit blurry because I was so excited. 

 Great for lighting up the deck and only $20. Holla.

 No, not Julia Child. To the left. A book of House Beautiful issues from 1908-09. Great for a magazine subscriber. Very cool.

Vintage silver ornaments at $1.50 a piece. I think these are awesome enough to stay in a bowl all year round.

 Bamboo bar cart - perfect for my disco teapot.

I saw a similar one on Etsy. Gold. Bamboo. I see a theme developing...

Funky sconces for my fireplace.

These have been in the store forever and their color is awesome. Next time I have a spare $2500, I'll consider it. 

And this does not fall under need or want but 'what the hell'. Where are your pants dude?!

What is on your list? Anything you secretly hope to get even though you don't need it?

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