April 24, 2012

there is a pill for that

I'm having another monkey monkey underpants episode.

Between finishing the couch, trying to get inspired to finish the bedroom, children, jobs and the general merriment that is life, my brain has a hard time resting these days. Since our society apparently frowns on early morning cocktails (I should have worked at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) I have to find alternative ways to let the stress out. This results in small projects, which results in more on the to-do list, which results in more stress. These are the days of our lives.

The newest example of this was over the weekend. I wanted to get something hung up in our bedroom so that it starts to feel more like a room and less like a prison on Locked Up Abroad. So I made my templates for everything, just like I did with the gallery wall, and all was progressing. Until I ran out of newspaper. No panic required though, I just used my MacGruber MacGyver skills and decided wrapping paper would work just as well.

(I'm cropping out most of the mess in this picture btw. I'm all for keeping it real, but some people might be eating.)

After hanging the wrapping paper, my ubiquitous and ever helpful 4-year-old said "Oh mommy, I really love these stripes. These are good colors."

While I agree they are good colors for something else, not so much for my room. However, the longer that stayed on the wall (we're talking minutes here) the more I kept thinking 'I like this idea'.

Now I've framed wrapping paper many times before. Hell, I even tape it to my mantel at christmas. But this time I was thinking a little different. Something longer. Possibly a way to introduce more pattern into the room.

Something clicked (not my jaw this time) and just like that, it became my mission to find this 'something'. I found a few options the next day and temporarily taped them up to see what I thought.

Not bad.

My husband liked it as well and said, "you know what would be cool is if it went all the way to the ceiling and down to the floor" (he'll be getting an extra present on his birthday this year).

Then, yesterday I saw this picture on Chinoiserie Chic

ts a sign.

I'm thinking I'm on the right track here people. Or at least a track. Which is a big improvement from the muddy gravel nothing I was on before. Inspiration is a'rising again. I better get something done before it disappears.

Have you had any happy accidents lately? And did you see RHONJ? Oh yeah baby, this is gonna be good.


  1. Don't you love it when you find a picture of a room and know you could make it like that in yours? I was just now thinking, that if one looks at interiors long enough, they can find several amazingly decorated rooms with the exact same floorplan as the rooms in their own homes.
    But I digress. I'm wondering if you'll do fabric panels? Hmm.

    Also, you are such a tease because I went scrolling down to see your finished settee, and all you gave me was a tight shot. I'll expect the full reveal soon, Lady.

  2. this is how inspiration works in my brain too, and it's fun to hear how your thoughts rattle around in your head.

    as for RHONJ, i'm shamelessly sucked in. the burning question for me is, when will teresa's head finally explode and what kind of candy will spill out of the hollow center?

  3. How far do you live from my home (NJ)? I am swimming with ideas about my nightstands....I need someone to bounce all the possibilities off of. Although, you might want to know where I keep my wrapping paper...and that would worry me :). I love CC and your inspiration....can't wait.

  4. OK.... first of all early morning cocktails are ok if you have tomato juice or oj in them FYI! I LOVE the idea of wallpaper panels, but done the savvy way with wrapping paper? I will so have to feature!

  5. I love it! How great is it your husband is on board?!? My hubby's idea of a fabulous house is a fish tank & pool table!! There must be something in the air...I've been having epiphanies all weekend!!

  6. You might also consider doing your panels with fabric of some type. Although not the same, I have a quilt from my grandma hanging on the wall, and those vintage fabrics are really lovely to look at-- and oddly comforting which may help with the morning cocktails (not that I'm against them). I would guess that you could get several yards of a lovely fabric without too much capital outlay--- and not have to worry about a Barbie head accidentally going through them. :) You know my abilities (none) so feel free to disregard!! :)

  7. Ooooh I love where you're going with this!!! I can so relate to the overload of ideas & projects, but then when you think of a gem like this, all the stress is worth it! I can't wait to see what you do; picture me rubbing my hands together and grinning in anticipation. :D

  8. Don't you love these moments of inspiration!? I don't really 'work' on my house (too busy doing that for clients) but when I do get something I really love - it's usually by accident. I leave a piece of fabric somewhere and suddenly realise it's perfect for that space etc etc. I love your idea for the bedroom - it will look fabulous! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  9. This is one of my all time favorite bedrooms!!!! I love this look and it will look amazing in your room!!! Cant wait to see!!!

  10. LOL! You crack me up and I love your inspiration (wrapping paper) and found inspiration photo. Can't wait to see!


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