November 9, 2012

if i had a million dollars

I went hunting again. Not for anything in particular. Just for relaxation. I take great pleasure in walking quietly thru a huge warehouse of eye candy with no one pulling on me, whining at me or asking if we can leave.

This trip seemed to have a chinoiserie theme. I found a million and one things that I wouldn't mind adding to my pad. But again, just looking. Here are just a few.

Let's walk, shall we?
This chair was in excellent condition. It had the original fabric but that would be easy to replace. All the little details on this thing - the curved arms and legs, the swoop in the seat. Die.

 My youngest is all about elephants. Think this is too much for a 20-month-old?

 This picture does not do this screen justice. The colors in this thing are amazing and the condition was like new. This whole thing was hand painted, which I guess was why it was mucho $$. Hell, if I had painted that whole thing I would probably demand a cool million.

 Beautiful twin beds for a chinoiserie bedroom. Killing me.

I have a version of these dudes in blue and white but I'd never seen them in such crazy colors. I think the dude on the right will be pleased with the new law passed in Colorado and Washington. He looks...happy.

Fabulous coffee table.

 And then. I saw these. A PAIR of the most wonderful sconces I ever did see. And let me tell you,  I've seen my share of sconces.

I considered chaining myself to them and refusing to leave until they were gifted to me. They would go to a good home and would be petted and massaged daily. I would give these sconces anything they wanted. Except for the money they were asking. And if I want to be responsible about the whole thing, they were really big and I don't think I have anywhere that they could go. Except my dining room. Or the living room. Or my sconce room. It could happen.

How I love my little antique mall down the street from my house.

Done any window shopping lately? Ever had something you would throw yourself on the floor for? Wanna go in on the sconces? We can share them.


  1. I love the "dudes". I went to one of the NY flea markets recently. I need to do a post. I didn't buy much, people think things are worth more than you think they are worth. Go back and get the sconces.

  2. Love that elephant! I almost bought something similar for my daughter's room and those sconces, oh my! They are perfect!!

  3. Oh I love that first chair and the lighting! It is a wonderful shop- how fortunate you are to have it nearby! Can't believe you didn't get anything! Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Nancy

  4. I'm dying here. Love every single one. Those sconces are related to my pagoda chandelier. I can share with you. :)

  5. I am sending you pictures of 4 elephants that we "acquired" last January from a neighbor. Actually MC carried two home from Saigon, Viet Nam in the 1960's which are now, ironically, in our son's home in Seoul, Korea!!!
    I love moving these guys around. I have even named them.
    What fun spotting this as I was going through your post!!!!

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  7. Oh my god. For real, that place is right near your home?!?! I'm green with envy!!!

    The chair - yes, want. The elephant?! Did you read my post about my living room? Desperate for a white elephant stool. Can I find one here? No chance. The sconces? Dear god, help me. I'll share. We can totally have joint custody and I promise they will get petted and maybe get a few smooches thrown in for good measure.


  8. We recently moved to Scott Air Force Base, so I try to get over to St. Louis whenever I can! I'd love to know what antique mall this is and any other favorite haunts I should know about! Thanks! -Anne (

  9. I love to do the same thing to relax...just wander around a flea market....even Scott's but I always see so many people I know that it becomes a social hour :) That flea market had some good eye candy!

  10. found some good things...that chair...amazing.

  11. I need another bedroom to put those twin beds in! Nice walk.

  12. Yeah, those sconces are pretty friggin' awesome. Too bad you couldn't just stuff them in your pants and walk's a thought :)

  13. I do love the sconces and even more than that, I love the idea of a sconce room! I will need a whole lighting wing the way I'm collecting it these days. :) Also, I fully support getting that elephant for a 20 month old. At that age the elephant is the perfect size to be a seat and they aren't yet heavy enough to break it!

  14. I don't know how you walked out without those sconces and that chair!!! All pretty fab - I have been so busy lately, and now just finishing up my indoor Xmas that I haven't been to my fave antique malls recently. :-)

  15. I want those sconces. And the chair. How fun that the mall is so close to you!

  16. I want those scones too! Maybe we can all go in on them and then time share them!?!? Who is in?

  17. Oh that first chair! How did you manage to leave without it?

  18. I am so jealous - where is this warehouse! Love the elephant and no it is not too much for a 20 month old. I think it is just enough!


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