November 12, 2012

lonny is good. real good

Happy Monday all!

I've got a crush. I'm going to get a poster to hang on my bedroom wall. I might even get an airbrushed t-shirt to wear around town. I'm in mad love and his name is Lonny. (sorry hubs) I've always thought he was cute, but until the November issue, I never realized how in love I was. Makeovers, Sister Parish, Heather and Jenny. It's just damn good, and that's all there is to say. Oh Lonny.

all images via Lonny

It's cold, dark and rainy here. The perfect day to cuddle up with some pretty pictures. And if you aren't having the same weather I am, just pretend you are and enjoy some time with a good publication.

Speaking of the weekend, how was yours? Do anything exciting? Don't tell me about RHOA, I haven't watched it yet!


  1. How did I miss this? Off to check it now. I think I got your virus. I've been under the weather all weekend.

  2. Adore the lovely bedroom in the final image! It's very beautiful and stylish!

    I didn't do much this weekend except rushing clients' projects before my vacation at the end of this week! Been super busy lately so didn't visit your blog and all my other favorite blogs as much as I want! So sorry!

    I will check out Lonny when I get a chance!

    P/S: Come by and enter my newest giveaway! There will be two winners and each winner gets to pick any one item valued at $80 or under from my sponsor's store!

    Have a good week!


  3. Our rain is coming tomorrow, so today is spray painting day. I suspect there will be a lot of posts over the latest issue. It is sooo gooood. I did not watch my RHOA yet, either.

  4. I haven't taken the time to peruse the new Lonny yet - but it's on the list. Atlanta Housewives were tame last night, btw. Looking forward to MDD on Tues.

  5. thanks for the intro to lonny! i used to love domino and was kind of bummed when the issues stopped coming!


  6. I just came home from my first day in the new job, head all fuzzy with so much info and things to take in and settled into the new issue. Oh yes, it's good. Very very good. Sigh. Lonny remains my favourite... true unadulterated love. xxx

  7. I'm with you, Elizabeth! It's fantastic!

  8. it is seriously incredible - I completely agree. perfect for the suddenly freezing temperatures!

  9. The photos above are really nice but I have to say I haven't read a whole issue of Lonny online. I like to look through the photo library now and again but don't like to read anything really online {it's not Lonny, it's me}.

    I'm watching the 3rd RHONJ reunion show now. I did see the 1st RHOA online. Not too exciting. :)

  10. Call me clueless but what is RHOA? Elizabeth, I missed this post you did yesterday. erghhh, I don't like when I miss a person I LOVE to follow. I am loving this Lonny, too. (who is he?/she?) help, I don't no nuttin'.


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