August 30, 2013

try not to labor too much

The only thing better than heading into a weekend is knowing it is a three-day weekend. Summer is slipping through our fingers so soak up every last minute of it.

For those in the US - happy labor day! And for all of my other friends, happy weekend!


  1. Thanks Elizabeth! It's labour day weekend here in Canada too (except, of course, we throw that 'u' in there lol). Happy long weekend!

  2. Happy Weekend to you too! We are heading to our cabin at the lake for the long, end of summer weekend. Looking forward to 3 days of boating with family, friends, and lots of yummy food...see ya!

  3. We had 3 blissful days off last weekend and I decided we should just nationally change to a 4 day work week. Wouldn't that be nice? Enjoy my dear! xxx

  4. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, Elizabeth! Love that picture, by the way!



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