January 13, 2014

2014 goals

The time has come for me to put down my goals for the year on paper, or uh screen, so that I am held accountable come December 31. If I don't put them out there for y'all to read I won't have the fear of judgement as my motivation. And really, isn't that what gets us all out of bed in the morning? Right. So I spent the weekend shaking my magic eight ball and I've narrowed down my list to these five challenges, in no particular order. In honor of the Golden Globes...may I have the envelope please.

1. Fix the backyard.
I've whined discussed my backyard as long as this blog has been around (and even before that). And each year I talk about working on some privacy, but this is the year. And here's the reason - I can't look at my neighbors any more. They really are lovely people, but I just can't. While our side yard is vast and relatively private, our backyard, the space right past our deck and patio is rather close to our neighbors. And over the years our neighbors have added on to their homes, making our breathing room even smaller. And with the addition of a new neighbor and his many outdoor apparatuses, this is the year damn it.
 And while I'd love a tall ivy covered stone wall and boxwood hedges,

we are probably looking at something more economical. I know, economical and landscaping never really go together, but I'm going to try my best. We were able to redo our deck on a budget, so who knows what we will come up with. Maybe we'll find more $5 trees.

2. Organize closets
I have something that is a rarity in a house this age and size - two walk in closets. But I'm ashamed to say that I don't use them to their full potential. And in a house this size, that just isn't cool.

Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti's amazing closet
So I've got painting, construction, elbow grease and a lot of DIYs up my sleeve for these suckers. Note - I can not guarantee they can stay organized. (Do I hear a goal for 2015?)

3. Find a dishwasher that doesn't suck and a vacuum that does.
I told you how much my Maytag sucks and this is the year I'm doing something about it. There has got to be a high performance dishwasher out there and I am on the hunt.

Zoey cleans better than my Maytag does
I also have a vacuum on its last suck. Hmm, I need a new dishwasher and vacuum. Maybe it would just be cheaper to get a maid.

4. Focus on the details.
I find myself looking at different things these days. Table linens, candle sticks, picture frames, vases. The cherries on top of the sundae. The things that take a room from done to complete. And a hard, and dangerous rule for me this year - only permanent pieces. I'm not getting something just because it was cheap. I have a basement full of those purchases. Quality, unique and long term are the key this year.

Lesley Glotzl

5. Post more.
I really do have the best time getting to know you all and I think we have a really good time together. And well, we've been dating for a few years now, so I think it's time to take our relationship to the next level. Do I sound like The Bachelor?

I've got a lot to say, a whole backlog in fact, of things that I just don't get around to. So this year I'm going to make a hard effort to work four posts a week into my schedule. Gulp. And I want you all sharing more on here with me as well. You all are the best and I want to give more. 4 days a week. There I said it.

So ta-da, there she blows. My list for the year. What do you think? Do you make yourself a guideline for the year? Did you think Tina and Amy did a good job last night? Can you believe that Jordan Catalano won an Golden Globe?!


  1. All great goals. We has spent a small fortune in landscaping, so good luck with that. If I had to do it over, I would have planted smaller trees immediately when we moved in. Much more economical. One day I will have a closet like that one.

  2. I'm afraid to put my goals down....pressure. The best DW is (in my opinion) Bosch. So quiet and really cleans. Expensive but worth it as I have had other brands and they sucked.

  3. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what you do for privacy in the backyard. We have the same issues with our house in Cincinnati (which we are currently renting out but will likely be moving back to in a year or so) - new neighbors with a loud dog and more plastic kids stuff than I ever thought possible had me itching for more privacy before we left and it will be the first thing on my to-do list if/when we move back there. I know you'll come up with a solution that looks amazing!

  4. Great goals. That's great to have 2 walk-in closets , it's going to make such a difference to get the most from them.

  5. Ah, judgment...I know it well, I'm usually the b@!#* doling it out!! Can't wait to see what you cook up...I'll be on pins and needles!! I love that your going to post more...I miss you when you're gone!!

  6. Four times a week? Yay!!!
    I never had a dishwasher that actually cleaned the dishes until I bought my current house. It appears that the Whirlpool Gold series actually gets gunk off of the dishes! Crazy! I broke the first one (plastic in the motor) and am on my second.

  7. Great goals! I really want to do a makeover to my closet as well but since it's a rental and I am probably moving in the next two years and I don't think I will find a closet this size again, I need to weigh if it will actually be worth the dough! Maybe I can do it on the cheap. I'm trying for four times a week too!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the yard and closets, and to read all your posts this year! xo

  8. My main goal.....sell the BLH!
    Have fun with our new home

  9. I will totally hold you to your closet goal because that is one of my goals - construction & painting them to be more functional. And it's so much easier to see you do it first :)

  10. Sounds like some great goals. I love looking at everyone's goals for this year. It motivates me to want to do more as well, which is a great thing because I have a TON to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just looked at all of your rooms...gorgeous. I'm following you as well:)

  11. I like how you whittled your list down to 5 with the help of the Magic 8 ball. I'm going to have to try that!!!!!! Bosch dishwashers - had 2 in previous houses, never broke, very quiet, and I like the way the inside is layed out. Weird right? But a dishwasher I can fit my wine glass into wins my heart. Dyson Animal - best vacuum ever. Thanks to my St. Bernard I vacuum daily, so I'm tight with my vac. :) Can't wait to see you bang out all these projects! Woohoo - cheers to a productive year!

  12. OMG! We're living the same life! We have the same issues with our neighbors (we're WAAAY too close to eachother). We used arborvitae from Lowes for coverage up to 12' and then planted a few cherry trees in front of them. They're fast growers and soooo pretty in the spring. The plan is working and will only get better as they grow. Privacy is a good thing! I also just did a post today on closet organization! Finally, our dishwasher died a couple of months ago and we got a Miele. Definitely on the pricey side but soooo worth it! (Oh, and that pretty desk you show in your post is the same as one I have in my living room. Weird.) Have a great day!! :)

  13. Love these goals!! I can't wait to see how you tackle them...ugh landscaping! I wish I could DIY plants. I'm adding a whole bunch of rosemary to my yard...which is good to keep mosquitoes out and is soooo lovely, smells divine and I can cook with it...and its not too expensive and it grows like crazy! I dreamt I visited you at your home last night!! It was so beautiful!

  14. Very good goals! I just got a dyson for Christmas and it's changed my life. Seriously. It's changed my whole attitude about keeping our house clean. I'm officially the maid at our house so I guess it's time I embraced it!

  15. You are a rock star! Love these goals. I've made some very vague ones - I'm lame. And the GGs last night were great . . . I was so psyched when Jordan Catalano won. Ahh, those dreamy blue eyes!!

  16. I'll second the Dyson praise above-it's amazing. It's a zillion years old now( 2007) and still keeps all the dog hair under control, lol

  17. I second the Miele dishwasher and I prefer Miele sweepers to the Dyson. As for privacy, and if your building codes allow, I'd start with a privacy trellis for immediate bang. I found the book Landscaping for Privacy useful as well as books on hedges. Hornbeams are classic hedge trees in England and fairly fast growers. I also like Bracken's Brown Beauty magnolias.

    1. Bracken Brown's are a favorite of mine as well. Thanks for the tip on the book. I will check it out!

  18. Well here goes... I'm a long time reader and 1st time commenter... Since you were so brave with your goals (I NEVER write down anything that someone might be able to hold me to - I like to be able to slink away from a goal - haha). Anyway, I wanted to do my part and say you go girl! Can't wait to see the landscaping.

  19. Sounds like a plan Elizabeth. I have the same dilemma with the closet and I NEED to address it too, hopefully this year, we'll see. Good luck!

  20. You're super brave to list your goals on the blog...I can't bear to share mine, lest I fail completely (which is fairly likely!). I love your list...can't wait to see what you do to the yard, since I struggle with that same issue. Walking out your back door and having to say "oh, hi..." to your neighbor ever. single. time. gets kind of old, no matter how much you like them!

  21. Annnd exhale. Admitting you have goals is the first step :) I'm with ya on more permanent pieces. I was THIS close to buying two wicker end tables in Goodwill today just because they were $12!

  22. Greaty goals! Have you tried the cascade platinum pods? We had a really crappy dishwasher, and after using those, it's like a whole new appliance!

    Also, we've had the dyson animal for almost 7 years…my in-laws have had it for about 9. We've had great luck with it.

    Can't wait to hear more from you this year!

  23. Great goals by friend. I am (mostly) finished with my spare bedroom turned into dream closet...it feels so good to be organized and have more space. Love the idea of less stuff and more permanent pieces...that's on my list too. Tips on appliances...my friends swear by Bosch dishwashers...although I don't have one and I do have one I hate (GE). And I always thought it was funny to say my vacuum cleaner sucks...which is a bad thing! I am tempted to buy a Dyson...if I can get a loan approved! Ha!

  24. You've got your year cut out for you! I really like your goal of buying "cherries on the sundaes" but only buying the best "cherries" this year.

    By the way, if you're in the market for a vacuum, I can't rave enough about my Miele. It's a canister and light-weight but super powerful and got amazing reviews on Consumer Reports. Just a thought. They should really pay me for my endorsements--I tell everyone to buy a Miele!

  25. Every time I think about tackling my closets, I get a drink instead! That is on my to do list this year and getting rid of unwanted stuff. We've lived here for 2 years and still have stuff in boxes. Looking forward to more posts and DIY-ing amazingness!

  26. Hi Elizabeth! I envy your ability to set and follow through with goals! Arbor vitae are a great privacy option for your backyard. Also, I agree with both the Miele dishwasher and Dyson vac. However, until you get a new dishwasher you should try adding a bit of Borax -- it can sometimes make a huge difference. Lastly, my parents have a Dyson I love but can't afford. The Shark has proven a very worthy alternative!

  27. Great goals!! And 4 posts a week, more goodness for me to eat up like little delicious morsels of genius. Yum. xxx

  28. Love my Miele dishwasher and vacuum.

  29. Setting goals is always the best way to start your year. And your list is just great especially with the soon-to-be beautiful landscape and re-doing your deck. It’s exciting! I just hope you hire a good team to work with you so that it will less stressful on your part. Plus, it will help get the work done faster.

    Arthur @ ContractorExpress.com


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