March 4, 2014

good problems and giveaway reminders

The sun is shinning today, so that's a good start. I refuse to mention temperatures anymore. Damn them.

This week is proving to be one where I am a bit overbooked, which is not nearly as fun as being over served, let me tell ya. Nevertheless it is a good problem to have.

So follow along on Instagram as I run around town, and don't forget today is the LAST DAY to enter the giveaway. Tell you friends, your family, and your mailman if you like him.

Come back tomorrow when the winner will be announced. Wahoo.



  1. Just entered the giveaway - thanks for the reminder! Of course, you're busy, you talented girl! You're so inspiring!

  2. Good luck this week with all your to-do's! At least you will crash hard for some good sleep hopefully! I always sleep better when I am working hard!

  3. Being overbooked makes me overwhelmed and stressed and exhausted and resentful -- until i remind myself how amazing I am to be able to multi-task like that and get so many things done in one day:)

    Good luck on getting all of your to-do's done, Amazing Woman!

  4. I just won soap at Cassie's and would love to win more ;)

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