September 22, 2014

where did you get that - home office source list

Monday's are not my best 'clever post title' days. But that's normal, right? I've gotten a lot of questions about my home office, so I thought I'd share some sources, tips and tricks.

Lots of you wanted to know how I had my computer and lady lamps on my desk without seeing any cords. It's easy. I just don't plug any of it in. A Monday joke for you there.

Actually, when I had the electrician put in outlets, I had him plant one directly behind my desk. Then I put the lamps and computer in place and got a bunch of Command Clear Cord Strips and got sticking. I fished the cords around the perimeter (for the lamps) and under (for the computer) the desk and plugged them all into a power strip underneath the desk. The power strip is to protect the computer but also to consolidate all of those cords into one that then runs down the side of the desk. I cut a small hole into my rug, no worries it was only $2, and then the cord is fished under the rug and to the outlet behind the desk.

I looped them out a bit here so you can see the cords a bit better. The process takes a few extra steps but gives a much cleaner look, and eliminates my frequent cord trippage issues. I'm not always light on my feet. And the cord runs right between the legs of my chair, so it is never in the way.

The old bamboo frame hanging underneath the new window is also held in place with Command Clear Strips. And no, this post isn't sponsored by Command Strips. They just happen to be an awesome tool that everyone should have in their arsenal. And I just whipped out the word arsenal, which should more than make up for my lame post title.

As we've discussed over and over again, I tried my best to reuse things I already acquired over the years, but I've tried my best to include sources as best I can.

Red Brunschwig & Fils Gillian's Zebra pillow - Aurelia
Green Block Print lumbar pillow - Meet Me In Philadelphia
Blue and White gallery wall frames - Indie Mats
Walls - White Behr Premium Basement & Masonry Waterproofer
Wicker table - Roots

Library light over inspiration board - Lowes (no longer available)
Gold tape 'framing' inspiration board - Paper Source
Chair - thrifted
Seat cover fabric - House Fabric

Desk - Begonia Amy Howard Furniture Lacquer
Navy double gourd lamp - Target
Lampshade I made using this fabric -
Mirror - Craigslist
Floor - Bermuda Turquoise Benjamin Moore

Hopefully I've answered all the questions. If not, let me know. Now on to tackle the week!


  1. I'm so bummed that library sconce isn't available anymore :(

  2. you are amazing hiding those cords like that!! My husband would love this post.

  3. You crack me up ;) And I think that Command Strips actually should be sponsoring your post. Great ideas, and I know I will probably give them some business after reading this. Still loving the color of that desk, too!

  4. I love how you hid your cords! I hate visible cords and I've always wondered how people hide cords that are on floating desks and tables like that. Your whole office area is so pretty!! I love the inspiration area you taped out on the wall; what a clever idea!

  5. You had me at that pink desk!!! A thousand times YES!
    If you have a moment, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Gold tape, genius. Hiding the cord, genius. What a lovely office!

  7. genius on how you hid the cords and love that child's art with the green matting in the 5th pic!


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