December 8, 2014

getting in the spirit

Holiday Pinecone Trees we made two years ago

It's that time of year. The time to stress over things that are meant to bring joy, not grey hairs. You can count on articles, news segments and how-to-lists on how to deal with holiday stress just as you can count on your Facebook feed to get flooded with Elf on the Shelf pictures each and every season.

All the articles say the same thing, but yet none of them every seem to help. But I'm here to tell you what to do to not just survive, but enjoy...

Last Year's Christmas Tour

Ha! I wish! If I knew that trick Oprah would bring back her show just for me to spread the word. Nope, I have no trick or great idea. Just like everyone else, I take on too much, complain too much and then feel too much hysteria to enjoy this 'magical time of year'.

Each year I try something different with varying degrees of success. This year I'm trying not to worry so much about getting it all done at once, but slowing down and taking my time. We got our tree this weekend and worked on it for a while, then took a break when we all started to drag and watched a movie instead. It'll get done. A pleasant mommy is more important than a decorated tree.

DIY jewel colored votives

Now that's not to say it won't get done, I've just decided that I don't need to work at a breakneck pace. No one is keeping score...right?

So let's be honest. How does this time of year make you feel? Do you make an effort to slow down and enjoy? Do you take it all on and use it as a chance to spread more holiday cheer? Do you just leave town?


  1. Well, truth be told, I am already a little nuts when it comes to taking on too much, and waiting too long, and all of my efforts to get things just so, every day of the year; so I suppose I am just more nuts around this time. But this year, I got most stuff done early so that I could actually enjoy some of the season, doing stuff with P that I never usually have time to do. It would seem planning ahead and actually following through does pay off. Bah ha ha! Totally new concept to me - but it is actually working. Who knew an old 'crastinator could learn a few new tricks?

  2. oh this time of year makes me rush because i want to enjoy it all and do it all! and then january comes and instead of making lofty goals for myself for the new year my goal is always SLOOOOOW down.

  3. I try to remember to slow down and enjoy those little faces... But yes, it seems there's so much to do. Plus trying to keep the kids "busy" so they don't get totally bored when school is out. Plus the decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, cooking... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Time for a glass of wine.

  4. Just walked in the door after driving over an hour round-trip for my son's ice skating lesson. But we just drove, we did not attend the lesson b/c as we got out of the car he realized he didn't have his helmet, but had all of a sudden acquired a limp??? WTF!!!!?? So anywho, walked in the door and half of the lights are out on the already decorated tree!! Dear sweet baby Jesus, give me patience! So sat down here to decompress (of course that means clicking over here to see what u r up to) and it just made me feel a little better to know I'm not alone and need to just breathe. Now i have to go make dinner and keep breathing as i ignore my son (u know, the one with the limp) as he slides arnd in socks playing floor hockey!!!!!! :0!!!

  5. I am definitely slowing down right now. Our kids are young and I just want to enjoy the season with them, ya know? xoxo

  6. I am becoming a huge fan of just saying "screw it!" because I like myself relaxed way more than I like the crazed stressed version and I'm pretty sure my kids do too! But then I remembered that I agreed to do a holiday home tour so I am scrambling right up until the las moment. Grrr #bloggerproblems

  7. I try to slow down, but it's just not in my nature. I'm checking things off left and right like a well oiled machine. It's actually really annoying. I wish I had the ability to relax and just live in the present.

  8. I would say we have slowed much so that our Elf on the Shelf hasn't moved in 3 days, and no one has noticed!

  9. I'm learning to take 'er easy. The yearly photo Christmas cards aren't happening this year. I don't have time, and don't want to stress myself out trying to get a photo and get them ordered and sent out in time. My friends are shocked that I don't do Elf on the Shelf scenes every night :D I'm lucky if he moves every night! There probably won't be a Christmas house tour. Probably. I'm starting to feel stressed it isn't "good enough" for a tour and that just sucks the fun right out of it.

  10. I'm 2 feet from jumping on the crazy train! It's 11pm and I'm my laptop, I never do that!!! I'm hoping to catch up tonight and take a deep breath this week!

  11. We don't even have our tree yet!!! I'm definitely in the "slow down and savor every little moment" category. If there is someone keeping score, I decided long ago I'm not playing. ;) Love those pinecone trees!

  12. I have simplified my holiday decorating so much so that I can actually enjoy the whole process (and who wants to break it all down in January????) There are so many beautiful home tours out there but I've decided to just ENJOY looking at all the pretty pictures and let myself off the hook from feeling like I need to do that in my own home this year. Have fun decorating with your little girls, they are at such a great age for all this!!


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