December 10, 2014

handmade gumdrop ornaments

Each year the girls and I try to do a few crafts together that we can then use year after year. We've got a few years under our belt and it is fun when we pull them out each year and they say, "Remember when we made these?!" It's all about making memories, right? However I don't want one of those memories to be fighting (the girls) and tears (mostly mommy's) when things go south. Our craft window is short so simple and fast is my theme.

I have long admired these Colors of the Rainbow ornaments from Land of Nod and each year I think about buying them for the girls' tree. And every year that thought is followed by "Nah, that's silly. Surely I can find something cheaper." But I never do.

Then this year we were walking thru Michaels to get something random and totally un- Christmas related when I noticed a little spot that I'm sure I pass each and every year. Glass ornaments. Six for $5. And with the ubiquitous 50% off coupon I always have thanks to my Michaels app (yes I've got a Michaels app on my phone) the decision was made. Ladies and gentleman, we've got our craft.

The piles of craft paint I keep in a junk drawer finally paid off. We went home, popped the top of those suckers, squeezed some paint inside and rolled them around.

This is when I would show you pictures of "the process" but A. it went so fast (that's just how easy it is) I didn't have time to man the girls and take pictures and B. it is really so easy there isn't really much to show. It took us longer to pick out which colors to use than to actually make them.

Once all the paint was swirled around inside I let them dry over night upside down (with the open top facing down) so any excess paint could drip out. And in the morning I had a table full of happy little gumdrops to put on the tree. The colors are rich, they are as happy as Santa himself, and they scream "Wahoo!" I for one love an ornament that screams with glee. It worked so great we went back for more and I made a whole pile of red ones like the Serena & Lily numbers for my mom's tree.

Here is the sneak peak of them on the girls tree. Look for the full reveal of the ornaments, and the rest of the house tomorrow as my house is up on The 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes.

Cyndy @ The Creativity Exchange is up today and I can't wait to see her home all decked out. Here is the full schedule of goodies:

12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes Schedule:

December 1 - Jenny @ Evolution of Style
December 2 - Amanda @ Amanda Carol Interiors
December 3 - Amanda @ Dixie Delights
December 4 - Pam @ Simple Details
December 5 - Lisa @ Shine Your Light
December 8 - Kris @ Driven by Decor
December 9 - Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles
December 10 - Cyndy @ The Creativity Exchange

December 11 - Elizabeth @ Little Black Door
December 12 - Stacey @ Steward of Design
December 13 - Andrea @ Oak Ridge Revival
December 16 - YOU - Link up your Christmas Home Tour

So have you tried any DIY projects this holiday season? Have you ever been embarrassed to admit the amount of craft paint you have in your junk drawer? Any ideas what I can make for a 1st Grade Holiday Party?

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Love these! I have so many of those glass ornaments from my etching days - looks like I have an evening project with P tonight!

  2. oh they are so colorful and fun and perfect! and cheaper than land of nod. :)

  3. Fantastic! They are so great- Happy Holidays! xo Nancy

  4. So So So FUN Elizabeth! I love your knockoff version of the Land of Nod ones, yours are just as pretty and the colors are so bright and cheerful. My kids & I made crayon melted ornaments in a similar fashion, have you ever done those? Maybe next year's project for you and your girls. Can't wait to see your tour!!

  5. I love this! I've been seeing those ornaments too, and wanted to do something with them. This is a fun idea!! Can't wait to see your house on the tour. :)

  6. How awesome and easy are those!!!!? Love it!! And I actually took a photo of that yarn star at target w/ my phone thinking that could be a cute diy...that's as far as I got! Can't wait to see more!

  7. These make me so happy I am going to have to give it a try!!

  8. these are just the cutest...such a great art project for how smooth they look!!

  9. I'm so jealous! I almost did some in black for the man tree and I chickened out!! Yours look great...I've always wondered though, how do they stay upside down when draining the paint?? Can't wait to see your decked halls!

  10. These are pure fabulous, Lady. I'm totally copying you for my girls' tree.

  11. So cute!! They look exactly the same as the ones from Land of Nod. You are such a good mama!

  12. You are so clever, and those are too fun, I even love the name! I was the party mom all through elementary - surprised? I remember we made gingerbread houses with graham crackers, I had them all put together prior to the party and they got to decorate with frosting and candy, tutorials on Pinterest. Dying to see your tour!!


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