December 11, 2014

my home - 12 days of christmas tour of homes

The day has finally arrived! It is my day to host the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes and I'm thrilled that you're here. If you came from Cyndy's tour at The Creativity Exchange welcome. And if you are here thru a misguided Google search, welcome to you too. Basically, welcome one and all. Take a look around while I make your virtual cocktail.

In the entry this year I decided to reuse the ornaments and ribbon from last year's mantel for a bright and happy mix.

Speaking of mantels, this year's mantel turned out to be all about plaid, bark and fresh foliage. How very rustic of me.

Each year we save the bottom of our Christmas tree and make a candle holder out of it (writing the year on the bottom of the stump to keep track). It's turned out to be a great memory and it is fun to see how we obviously vary up our tree size each year.

This year's tree was no joke. Last year was tall and skinny, but this year is big in every direction.

When you put plaid all over one room, it has a way of seeping into other areas of the house. Plaid is too good. It will not be denied. So let's plaid up the dining room shall we?

Love mixing my B by Brandie plates and chargers with my grandmother's old Spode Christmas dishes. And I believe it was the excitement of that mix that led me to forget the silverware. Oh well, we are just drinking during this tour anyway, right?

A snazzy group of men (and some animals) standing at attention while we eat. Maybe they took the silverware. Amelia's ever growing Nutcracker collection has relocated to the dining room this year until Eve moves on from her nutcracker...discovery phase. I can only glue them back together so many times.

Christmas lights Amelia made her first year of pre-school brighten up the kitchen along with some drawings the girls did and our annual Gingerbread house. Oh, and what's that on the lampshade? Yep, that would be more plaid. I can't be stopped.

Herbie got his seasonal antler change and is ready for the season too. No one in the house is immune.

Even the hand towels in the bathroom have gotten festive thanks to Anthropologie. They say dish towel, I say hand towel. Tomato tomaato.

My parents finally got rid of the tree that they've had for 45 years (no that is not a typo - FORTY FIVE years) and willed it to us. So as I mentioned yesterday, we added the tree to the family room this year and it is already full of all of the ornaments the girls have made and collected over the years. I love having the tree that I grew up with, I swear it used to be bigger, and it is the perfect thing to look at while I sit on the couch with the hubs and endure another episode of The Walking Dead.

The pom-pom pinecones the girls' made a few years back sit happily next to the tree along with a mismatch batch of ornaments.

And that my friends is my house all dolled up for Christmas. Thanks again for coming and be sure to stop by Stacey @ Steward of Design tomorrow! And if you haven't checked out all the rest of the tours, what are you waiting for already?!

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December 12 - Stacey @ Steward of Design
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December 16 - YOU - Link up your Christmas Home Tour

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!


  1. I have got to make some of those pom pom pinecones! I love the tree in teh family room- 45 years is impressive!

  2. Beautiful holiday decor! The tree stump candle holder idea is terrific!

  3. It's all SO GOOD!! I love everything...the towels, I must have!! The candle holders are a great idea...and plaid officially moved into our house this year too, I can't get enough of it...your home looks gorgeous...GORGEOUS!!

  4. I am crazy about your tree stump collection! What a fantastic idea!!! Your house looks so happy all decked out in Christmas goodies, I just adore it :)

  5. it's STUNNING! so fun and colorful- the mantle area is my favorite!

  6. You know how to capture chic and charming like no other!! Love the tree stump idea, how you incorporate the girls' sweet artwork, your gorgeous tree, and that shot of the dining room in the background is my fave! I'm the guest that over stayed their visit, it's been so much fun taking in every detail!!

  7. Your home looks fantastic! I'm mad about plaid too and I'm seriously loving how you styled your mantle. Merry Christmas!

  8. Your home is Perfect for Christmas!!! I adore your plaid and and birch fireplace. And really, every detail is gorgeous. As always, I want to come over and sip drinks and chat the night away!

  9. So cheery and pretty Elizabeth! Love it all, fab job :) xoxo

  10. Gorgeous, of course! I especially love your nutcracker collection and gift wrapping! :)

  11. The plaid!! Yes, I 'm loving plaid this year too! The "hand" towels and tiny choir nested on top of SR's book come in as my fav runner ups.

  12. I'm all about plaid this year too - love all of the pretty touches of it in your home. Your Christmas tree trunk into candle tradition is genius - absolutely love it! Also love your gorgeous Nutcracker collection, beautiful table setting....everything! You never disappoint!

  13. Simply beautiful! I love that you have a way of incorporating the girls crafts and art everywhere and still manage to come up with a gorgeous display !

  14. So gorgeous Elizabeth! I especially love the tree stump idea! So much goodness and great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  15. tree stump candleholders. genius. gorgeous, my friend. love the plaid everythings.

  16. So bright and festive! Congrats! My kids made those pom pom pinecones as well!! Merry, Merry….

  17. E, you DO NOT disappoint me. EVER! I seriously got out of my nice cozy bed this morning specifically to see if your tour was up, and it was SUCH a fun tour to take! I love the ribbon/ornament garland around the mirror in the entry, and I am totally stealing that idea. :)
    The colorful touches throughout your whole house make it so spunky, joy filled, and Christmasy, I love how you bring it all together!! And the tree stumps!! Awesome. Love it all!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Your home is perfect! Love all of the decor and I love the tree in the basket!

  19. Elizabeth what a beautiful mix of fun, classic and beautiful all mixed together perfectly! I love your mantel, your big fat tree (and your vintage one too!). Those Pom Pom elements are too fun, and I think my daughter would LOVE them! And who knew Anthropologie had such great towels? We don't have one close by, but obviously worth the trip to visit one! Thanks for sharing!

  20. oh my goodness i just pinned almost every image. and the plaid lampshade can't wait!! i need to have one asap. so, so perfect and charming and classic and fun…i'm inspired, and that's just the best. :)

  21. Beautiful Christmas decor! Your home looks so festive and cheery. I love your trees, the art and crafts your girls made (hello adorable pom pom pinecones and charming gingerbread house!), your lovely entryway and that gorgeous fireplace mantel! Very delightful tour, thanks for sharing! :)

    P/S: Our guest bedroom is finally completed. Check out the big revea if you like! :)

    Wishing you and your family the merriest holidays!


  22. Perfect. Love all of your garlands and just the overall classic feel, it's my favorite!

  23. Holy cow, this is so pretty! Love the simplicity of the whole mantel arrangement (totally stealing the christmas tree base idea!!!) And then the rest and the plaid everywhere...adore!!! Merry Christmas!!

  24. Elizabeth, I fall in love with your house a little more every time I see it, especially at Christmas! Your mantle is SOOO good and all of the plaid... dying! Love all of your sweet details. I tried to get my girl to make some pinecones like that the other day, they're so cute! We'll have to put that on our Christmas break list. Merry Christmas!

  25. Beautiful with a capital B!!! (: I love your house so much, it’s so cheery and pretty! You did an awesome job!!!

    1. Oh and my favorite is your daughter’s sparkly Christmas lights!

  26. This made me want to knock on your door with cups of steaming hot chocolate, cozy up and chat about homes and decor, and not leave for a good long time. You've made it so warm and inviting, I love it!

  27. So wonderful! I love the designer-meets-family-treasures's perfect :) And I really enjoy your way with words.

  28. Oh Elizabeth! It's so beautiful!! I love every single detail. It's so cozy and warm and just perfect for the holidays. I love how relaxed yet festive it is! Enjoy it. have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Your Christmas decor matches your home and style to a T! Perfect in every way! Merry, merry to you and yours!!


  30. Oh Boo....this is so so good! Yes...plaid will not be denied and it works beautifully in your home! I hope you have a fantastic holiday season girl:)

  31. love love love your print mixing dinner table! so beautiful!

  32. I love all the tartan plaid!! Beautiful Christmas decor!

  33. What a beautiful holiday home! I especially love your rustic mantel!

  34. Very beautiful and colorful! Your decor exudes lots of warmth! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your lovely family.

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