June 24, 2015

i will never stop collecting chairs

In the spirit of my post on my (former) mantel I thought I would address a clear hypocrisy. I know I just told you that it's good to acknowledge the elephant in the room and remove things that aren't working in your space. True. And, I know I've discussed many times my love of 'riding' and purging crap that you don't need. Very true. However, there is a time when all of those rules and truths go right out the window and that is when you encounter a killer chair. Curves, lines, wood, fabric, chairs have it all they are addicting.

Here we have just a SMALL sampling of chairs I have in my SMALL home that don't currently have a 'place'. I refuse to get rid of any of them, nor will I get rid of their siblings that sit in rejected groups in other rooms of the house. The hubs often suggests selling them but I scream "From my cold dead hands!" and he walks away shaking his head. Some of these do have in-the-near-future plans but others might be headed to storage for a vacation.

And damn it if I'm not on my way out to look at more chairs. Luckily I can often share my chair habit with clients and know that the beauties are living in a happy home somewhere where I can visit them. But I will never stop collecting. Never. And one day I'll have cause to hold a large gathering at my house where everyone will need a seat and I won't have to rent a single chair. So that's something.

Don't make me feel alone here, what do you hoard? Anything you don't have the room to keep but refuse to toss? Have any chairs I can take off your hands?


  1. You should have a party, a big one, and then you can turn to the Mr. (who is hopefully standing) and says "See?!?". It's just a thought.

  2. but they are all so incredibly worth hoarding!

  3. Those are some great chairs though! I recently got rid of a bunch of "project" furniture that I never tackled. Had a garage sale, admitted my procrastination problem, and freed up space (which will ultimately be filled with more stuff, no doubt). For now, the free space has been liberating, and the extra cash was great!

  4. Chairs and fabric. Hubby keeps asking me when I'll sell them, but I get attached!

  5. This made me laugh out loud. You have a keen sense of humor. I recently discovered your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading, laughing, and looking at your beautiful work.

  6. Oh girlfriend, you are not alone, and those are fabulous! Tell Mr. LBD that your friend has 16 chairs in her basement at the moment! BUT four are folding bamboo chairs, so those shouldn't count, and one is Mr. Simple's grandma's which I had nothing to do with, so that shouldn't count and four I'm going to sell, so those shouldn't count - so really I only have 7! :)

  7. I hoard chairs too!! I REALLY need to sell some .. david has a running list on his phone, I think its around 50, yikes!

  8. You should see my garage! I suffer from the same thing...
    The House of Hampton

  9. Dude, you should see our "storage room". We have piles of rugs Mike brought back from the Middle East whenever he was on deployment. We plan on using them in our modern farmhouse/cabin out on our land.... that we don't have yet. Same goes for all the other random furniture (dining table, bed frames, hutch, etc) :D

  10. I too used to have a one off chair problem, and then we moved and I was kind of forced to get rid of most of them. But they're just such an easy find and can work in so many different places! My latest hoarding is pairs of chairs that all sit in my basement waiting to be reupholstered. Whoops.

  11. I hoard bags. I always seem to come across ones ( either the give away free ones or ones I purchase) that seem to have just one thing special about them that makes them worth keep. I recently corralled must of them into some sort of organization. But I mean you always need to carry things so you can never have too many, right!?

  12. Plates to put on my dining room wall but haven't yet. They are just piling up in the basement.

  13. Chairs are my weakness but so are dishes and picture frames, throw pillows, and books. It's sooo hard to let go...

  14. My name is Kimberly and I'm a chairaholic. I absolutely love chairs and particularly unloved ones that are screaming out for new fabric. Imagining the potential and fabric shopping are two of my greatest joys!

  15. My name is Lori and I admit it, I am a chair whore. I love my chairs, and I love lamps and keys. Oh and I love the children's books. You are not alone.

  16. I have 4 extra chairs in my sister's barn and two in my parent's basement. I also keep fabrics and lamps that I will someday definitely use.....

  17. Counting my blessings that I have a husband who lets me stash some of my "someday chairs" in his building-in fact he just moved them and I pitched a fit because I thought I would get rid of some before he stowed them away in a less convenient spot for me. But when I looked through them, I couldn't get rid of any! Glad to be addicted with all of you.😊

  18. I have 13. Not including dining. I feel your joy

  19. Ah, yes...I can relate to that weakness...among others!!

  20. You aren't alone! You should see my attic. I'm mostly a lamp and mirror hoarder but I have some chairs here and there as well ;)

  21. I am afraid to count...my kids used to shutter when they were younger at my finds...covered in cat hair...or worse...

  22. I am afraid I share the same weakness and feel that a girl can never have too many chairs. Before it was shoes but I do not buy as many as I used to.....

    regards from a sunny SW France, Leeann

  23. Dear chair girl, I get it, believe me. Once, when I moved. A friend's teenage son was helping and he counted every chair and said do you realize you have blah blah chairs. I just looked at him and said, doesn't everyone?

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