family room

While I love industrial carpet, mental ward green and florescent lights as much as the next girl, we knew this would be a room where we would spend a lot of time, so it needed to be a bit more...perky.

...and After.
We built out the shelves in the built-ins to look a bit more substantial, added some pot lights (we need to add more) and replaced the carpet with area rugs. And then some.

Read more about the plank wall here.

Read more about the painted stairs here.

Read more about how I found our sofa here.

Read more about this transformation here.


  1. What a difference! Recessed lighting can make such a statement!

  2. I love how realistic, yet stylish your rooms are! Great job!

  3. again neighbor LaurieMarch 11, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    OMG Elizabeth, what about getting your home in a magazine ?? I can help you there :)) It really needs to be seen by many many more.

  4. Ok HOW have I not looked through your whole house tour before??? I LOVE your home!!! I've only seen parts of it, and then today was like "oh duh, she's got the whole tour right here". What a transformation!! Oh and also how have I missed that you have twins also?! (I'm assuming- you said "girls") How old are they? Mine are a year and a half. {If we've talked about this before and I'm spacing it I'm going to be really embarrassed!!}

  5. This redo is very 'Divine Design - ish' - no really, it looks like Candice Olsen did it.

  6. LOVE that navy and white chair and the POP in this room! I'm your newest follower! So glad I've found you

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