This area has always been a challenge as it isn't really a hallway but more of a cul-de-sac of sorts. Just a little area where our bedrooms, bathroom and storage closet collide. Since it is a hard to define space, it proved even harder to decide what to do with it.

It is now a great family center for favorite photos. You can read more about how this space was transformed here.


  1. I think I'm in love with your blog. Adorable house.

  2. Great job with that salon wall! Love the layout and how everything is so close together. Another wonderful transformation!

  3. that is just what the corner needed. all that art in those black frames in all sorts or sizes is so professional looking.

  4. Wow. This is gorgeous! So glad to have just found you via The Aestate!
    Best, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  5. ok, clearly I am making my way around your house tour links (as this is the fourth or fifth comment I've left for you, ha). But I am so impressed with how you created this wall gallery. I have been stalling in doing one in my hallway because I want to make sure I get it just right! this is just the right mix of frames and styles.

  6. and there is also something "homey" about a crawling baby. sweet:)

  7. So glad you stopped by my blog. I am going through your home tour. Love this gallery wall.

  8. Seriously great gallery wall Elizabeth!

  9. I have two large pictures (identical) that I want to face each other in a corner. Any suggestions?


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