January 2, 2012

2012 goals

It was the whole point of starting this blog after all, so I might as well commit them to (digital) paper. Its been a yearly tradition, even before we had a house, for Luke and I to have a glass (or bottle) of wine and write our 'house list' for the next year. And while I won't share the whole list with you (#12 get new basement windows) here is the top 5. Does anyone hear a drum roll?

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1. Redo the master bedroom. We swapped bedrooms with Amelia right before I got pregnant with Eve, as they are roughly the same size (the rooms not the girls). But a year and a half later we still haven't gotten around to doing anything to it. A common problem I know. I'm over the lavender nursery walls, and we need some grown-up curtains, among other things. The room needs some major love.

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2. Repair and redo deck and stairs. This has been on our list since we bought the house (can you tell how much we are dreading it?). In fact, when we were doing our walk thru the inspector said, "You are probably gonna need to redo those stairs in the next year or so." Five years later...we are finally getting around to it. I think it was the visible jiggling they make when our 30 pound dog runs down them that made us push this up the list. They are officially unsafe and so they're outta here. There are also several rotting boards to replace and we need to redo the railings. We have never used our deck as much as we'd like for these reasons so its time to give this extra room a spruce. This is going to put Luke's wood working and midar cuts to the test.

3. Plant a herb garden. We've got the space, I've got an interested and energetic 4-year-old helper and as many herbs as we use, it might even be a money saver.
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4. Lighting. Always on my list. We need to resolve the chandelier issue in the dinning room ( i.e. I hate it), replace the light in the hallway and twist someone's arm into helping me figure out a way to add outdoor scones to the deck. Ugh, that damn deck. Its gonna kill me. Refer to number 1.

via From the Right Bank
5. Reupholster couch. I got the best little love seat for my birthday last year but it has one flaw - the nastiest, ugliest fabric on earth. Unbearably ugly. Since its can't get any worse, I'm toying with the idea of taking a crack at it myself. Stop laughing, its not the worst idea.
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OK, I showed you mine. Now your turn. Fess up. Do you have any plans, goals or resolutions? House related or otherwise? Are they repeats from last year?
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