January 3, 2012

etsy pillows

There is no better pick me up (is that a hyphenated word? I can never remember) on a hectic first day back to work than going out to get the mail at lunch and finding an Etsy package at your feet. I love working from home! Let me stop for a minute so you can ewww and ahhhh.
happy new pillows
wonderful pattern front
pretty velvet back

Aren't they pretty?! Awesome pattern in the front...yummy velvet in the back. Like a really awesome mullet. OK, an oxymoron, but you know what I'm getting at. These suckers are stellar!

"Oh yes Elizabeth, they are fab! Where did you get them?"

Well I'm so glad you asked. Katie Peters, from Radiance From Ruins, is her name. (I have many of her pillows saved to my favorites) And on top of the wonderful work she does, she is just about the nicest person I've encountered on Etsy so far.

Thanks Katie for perking up my day, and my living room.
happy in their new home

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