July 13, 2012

keep your feet on the ground, and keep reachin' for the stars

Oh Casey Kasem. You were the Confucius of our time. Now we are stuck with Ryan Seacrest. But this is a (worthy) discussion for another time.

Today I'm talking gold. I'm loving it. I need it. Since finishing my glitter vase for the Pinterest Challenge, I've been looking for something else to dip in gold and it didn't take me long to find my next victim subject. 

You all might remember these little honeys I picked up at an estate sale several months back.
The stars, my favorite detail of the tables, were just screaming for some gold.
I've had the tables in my living room for several weeks now, on approval from the basement, trying out the current finish. And although it wasn't bad, it wasn't working for me.

So the first step was to take the table out and gave it several light and even coats of my trusty black Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover spray paint.
The table after her first coat of black

After 4 coats of black and a day of sunbathing to dry, my stars were ready for their closeup.
I got a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen at Michael's and went to town. I love this pen. It is like a marker for grown ups. I put a napkin under the star to protect the rest of the table and then just sat down and colored. (That star spins, I know pretty cool, so I would just paint the part of the star that was on the napkin, spin and repeat.) And it dries super fast so I was able to do several coats rather quickly.
Just the pop I was looking for. You can see these suckers from across the room. Not in a bad 'what the hell are those' way though, more in a 'who is that hot man across the room' way. The gold would have never stood out as well on the mahogany-ish finish.
Looking good Mr. Carter. But it wasn't enough to give me my fix, I needed more than just the four stars. Speaking of, have you ever tried to take a picture that shows all four ends of a rectangle? Don't bother, it can't be done.
So to up the gold factor, I 'dipped' the legs. Obviously they aren't technically dipped as I can't fit those thick legs into a tiny little pen, but you get the idea.
Yes, my floors need to be refinished but that will have to happen another year. Look at the legs instead. They are pretty. They are gold. Oohhh. Ahhhh.
I love it. So much so that I know move the table all ove the house, changing it up each time. Good thing I have another one in the basement.
And a quick public service announcement about the glitter used earlier in the week - make sure you store all glitter in a locked cabinet, just like your liquor, or your children will get a hold of it and 'dust' the table with it.

One dipped table completed, one more to go.

Have you tried the Gold Leaf pen? Found yourself slapping a new to you color on anything that will stand still? Don't be surprised if my girls have been painted gold by the end of the summer.

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  1. I looove it! The stars were great, but I am so glad you did the dipped effect on the legs - it really makes the whole piece! I am super jealous - those tables are gorgeous! :)

  2. What a transformation!!!!! I love the gold details most definitely! Saw you on "my Bestfriend Craig" and I'm glad I checked your blog out!!! Great job! :-)

  3. These tables are awesome! The dipped legs are amazing, definitely inspiring me!!

  4. LOVE.LOVE LOVE The TABLE! Yes I have used the Gold Leaf Pen, it's one of the best kept secrets out there! Along with a Sharpie to patch up black painted items! Patty

  5. I love this little makeover. Sometimes it's the small details, right? I was thinking about using one of the bronze pens on the top portion of the light in my bedroom. Somebody painted the old bronze a nasty flesh colour. I have no idea why. People are crazy. Good to see the pens work well!

  6. What a transformation! I'm trying to think where I can use this now!

  7. Beautiful! I love gold leaf paint pens, they are a godsend!

  8. ms.elizabeth! your humor, description and talent are so delightful. you = delightful ~ yes! That table was 'dipped' beautifully... and of course you have motivated me to get one of those trusty pens. do they have it in silver? THANK YOU!!!

  9. I need the other table...dipped and delivered by Wednesday please & thank you! And feel free to throw in that lovable owl...Looks fabulous!

  10. Oh it looks fab!!! I love gold and black together, and this table has the perfect amount of gold! I LOVE the little stars!! They are such a cute little detail. And your glitter vase looks perfect with the table. I've definitely got some table envy right now!!

  11. with the dipped legs too, it's perfection!

  12. i so want to "dip" something! i bought rub n buff to do my hall table, but i'm so nervous about it, lol! this looks sooo great!

  13. Gorgeous! I looove the dipped legs! I've really gotta try this whole dipping thing...

  14. Black with gold just can't be beaten. What a find those tables were and you've made them even better!!

  15. Gold leaf pens?!?! W(here)TF have I been that I do not know about these wonders?! Oh wow, the table looks all kinds of fabulous - I admit my immediate thought was to paint them white but no no, your vision of black with that sparkly goodness of gold is all kinds of perfection. The dipped legs? Come to mama. Plus, you are so good with styling & vignettes. Please come to England and help me. xxx

  16. It looks great! And the way you've styled it looks so perfect! Well done Elizabeth. I've been meaning to pick up a gold leaf pen for awhile now, gotta turn some frames from plain to GOLDEN.

  17. I want these! I was super skeptical with the spray paint, but they turned out amazing!!! Loved the dipped effect.

  18. Now that's a transformation! I have got to get me one of those gold pens. The gold on the black is just perfect! Oh what I could do to so many frames in my house...


  19. They look so nice with the new paint and I love the gold feet and I really wish I had your motivation to complete projects! I think we have the same milk glass vase. :)

  20. Oh...I have some serious "table envy"! That little table is too cute...and you have two of them?! Lucky! Cant wait to see what you do with the other...will it be an identical twin? Those gold feet are perfection, especially with your glitter vase...and love that little owl.
    Great job Elizabeth!

  21. Oh, I love this! I'l have to incorporate this into my reading room makeover somehow. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Found you via SerenityNow link up.

  22. that looks amazing! such a great diy! would love to have you enter my giveaway :)


  23. this is an absolutely adorable, fabulous vignette. (and not a bad piece of furniture ;)! nice work darling

  24. It's fantastic. I have used a gold pen, but just for touch-up...not like you did. Great idea. You have such nice styling skills, too.

  25. Oh just plain LOVE! When you said gold I immediately thought dip the legs! Perfect! The black is awesome!

  26. I love love love your table. What wonderful changes you made! You are soooo lucky to have another one in the basement! I enjoy your blog so I joined today. I hope you will check out my blog too! OMGalmost50.blogspot.com Have a wonderful and creative day!

  27. Holy moly! Greatness!!! I need one of those pens...STAT!!

  28. Wow, classy fabulous. That is good work.

  29. FABULOUS!!!!! i am a huge fan of gold feet! :) i did it on a MCM dresser and am dying to do it again- you have inspired me!

  30. I like that yellow pot in the initial pictures? Where did it go? Let me know if you don't want it ;)


  31. oh this is what i needed. been thinking about gold-leafing a wooden stool that needs a little new life breathed in it. this is a sign....gotta make it happen.
    love what you created with your table, nice work!

  32. Love your blog and lovin' that table, I am inspired to DIY ASAP! XXX

  33. Awesome gold detail - my little black table is looking like it needs a dip! :)

  34. I need to do this somewhere in my home.. It looks awesome!

  35. I need to do this! It looks awesome!

  36. Gorgeous!!! I am about to paint my bentwood chairs and dip the legs in gold too! I have used that pen on hinges, I LOVE it. Can't wait to gold leaf more!

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