July 10, 2012

pinterest challenge - dipped in gold

I made a promise to myself the last time I saw the Pinterest Challenge, that the next time it came around I would join in the fun.

So when Katie, Sherry, Kate and Michelle told me it was that time of year I did a little happy jig. But my dancing stopped when the hubs pointed out that I was "already in the middle of 4 other big projects. Do you really want to add another one?" 

Must he always be so practical? 

I did see his point though. But hey, not everything on Pinterest needs to be big. So I decided I'd do something that I could tackle during craft time with my daughter. 

Resume happy jig.

The goal, for me, was to pick something very different. Something that made me say 'I love it' and 'that is nothing like anything I have in my house'.

So when I saw this fab mason jar turned disco vase by The Knotty Bride I knew I'd found my project.  And how thrilled would my 4-year-old, Amelia, be to help me with glue and glitter?! Mom of the Month club, are you reading this?

The tutorial is simple and straightforward, perfect for the likes of me. 

I got my supplies and used a leftover glass vase from Eve's birthday party as my test subject.

Everything went swimmingly until the glue brush broke and fell onto the table and then into my lap, slopping glue all over everything. This would never happen to a serial craft person I'm sure. You are lucky I love you Martha, otherwise I would have thrown some of my cussing in your direction.

With glue all over the jar, the table and myself, we got to the fun part, the glitter. I used the left over cake box from my birthday to contain the glitterness. 

We rolled and rolled until we got this.

It worked! And it was fun and messy and quick. Amelia quickly claimed it as 'hers' so I decided to do another using my very favorite bottle. 

I save these bottles from a bar that the hubs and I always visit on date night. They make a blissful G&T. And the bottles are a perfect shape for a single flower. Win win.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And I have a lovely glitter tonic bottle.

A perfect way to honor my favorite drink and event - date night. 

When we finished Amelia said "oh mommy - they are the most pretty gold dancing balls!". (I think she means disco ball. Don't even get me started on how proud I am that she knows what a disco ball is.)

It was a fun afternoon. And I now have something funky and different from anything else in my house. It also brings out the gold in Mary Katherine Gallagher the Owl . I love it.

And how can you argue with the sparkle it gives when the sun catches it.


Thanks ladies, for encouraging me to get my craft on!

Be sure to visit all of the Pinterest Challenge hosts today and see all of the great projects inspired by the time sucker good friend we call Pinterest.

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  1. Great challenge every girl needs a little bling. Thanks for letting us know about the challenge, have a great week....rock on Elizabeth.

  2. oh i love the glitter vase. the tall one is really cute. might have to give this a try. everyone needs some glitter in there life, right??

  3. You must be busting that she knows what a disco ball is, I am! I saw your pin, jealous...need to copy!!

  4. Oooo love it! Glitter is so messy, but so much fun!

  5. Laura@Elegant NestJuly 10, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    So cute and "blingy"! I doubt my 15yr old son would do the happy jig with me If I asked him to help with a glitter craft...but I have been known to dance alone if needed! :)

  6. Those are good golden items. Fast, easy, inexpensive - cute.

  7. Very cute! I wondered how well it would work to put the glitter on the inside of it and then seal it possibly? Or do it you like you did and spray some acrylic sealer on it? I'm not into picking up glitter everywhere since I deal with it enough in my art class.

  8. AH- I love it!!! I want to glitter something too!! {I'd be a proud mama also if my child knew what a disco ball was.}

  9. I love how this turned out!! I did a similar project with my niece for her room. She loved it too :)

  10. Yay to sparkly crafts! I love it! Maybe I should do one to match my art I posted about yesterday. Glitter is so messy, but sooo pretty.

  11. You are obviously raising your daughter right if she knows what a disco ball is! I had one hanging in my car for a while and used to tell people that I loved the way it caught the light when it was sunny out when they asked why. I also loved that it was shiny.

    The vase looks great! Glitter + glue + almost anything guarantees a good time.

  12. Looks amazing!!! Anything smothered in glitter is a good thing in my book ;)

  13. Good crafting, sista! What I really want to know is, why do all your projects have something to do with drinking? Audrey would like a disco ball as the chandelier in her room. I'm thinking about getting her one. You're not the only one in the running for Mother of the Year, you know.

  14. Elizabeth-Elizabeth-Elizabeth, I have missed you so. Earlier today I came by and went to comment but my computer was slow and acting up (it's doing that a ton lately) so I couldn't then, urgh......

    You are so dang creative and ready for any challenge. Are you still looking for a coffee table?

  15. Love it! Super fun and defiantly something you don't have in your house!

  16. Awesome DIY! I LOVE this! Would love to have a whole mantle, coffee table, side table full of this glitter love!! xo

  17. Oh please hunny. Anything involving gold and glitter is a win in my book!

  18. I love it, and good for you. I keep saying that I want to do the Pinterest challenge, too. So glad you did it. Four major projects at once? You have me beat!

  19. What a cool and fun project! They turned out fabulous!


  20. These are awesome! My kids would love to do this. You're so smart. I've been wanting to take part in the Pinterest challenges, but get hung up on the word "challenge" and then don't make the deadline because of all the other projects going on. I automatically think go big or go home, but there are so many smaller much more approachable projects I've got pinned. Fitting something in before/after naps IS a challenge!

    Great idea. (Still loving Mary Katherine Gallagher btw.)

  21. Whoa. This has so many possibilities. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Pinterest challenge!

  22. very cute idea Elizabeth!

  23. I've not heard of this pinterest challenge myself!?! What a fun project for some girl time!



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