July 5, 2012

you spin me right round

Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes! It was a great 2 days (I always count the 4th as my birthday as well). My day started with these

and kept getting better from there. This was 'the year of the table', as I got not 1 or 2 but 3 tables for my birthday this year. (Don't let my mom and I loose on the retail world). More on those tables another day but today I have a different table in mind. Or lack of a table rather.

I'm narrowing in on a complete living room plan but one thing that is missing is a coffee table. Coffee tables are a touchy subject in this house as that is the only piece of furniture that has a 'the one that got a way' story. It is too sad to mention but just know that it had an antique round marble top and the most awesome and unique base...see I can't even talk about it. I'll cry. Anyway, moving on.

We need a coffee table. A round coffee table.

We could go with something in honor of 'the table that cannot be named'.
via Bryn Alexandra
My Best Friend Craig
But I'm afraid it will always be compared to the one we wanted and will therefore never feel right.

We could go in a completely different direction and go for lucite.

Peppermint Bliss
Meredith Heron
Lonny Magazine
Very different for me but would certainly keep the space feeling open.

Or, we can go for round fluffy goodness. No, not Kim K's arse, an ottoman.

Bryn Alexandra
Jeneration Interiors
Effortless Style
I won't say which way I'm leaning but I will say that I shamelessly watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the first time yesterday. (No one needs to know that but us, right?)

What type of coffee table(s) do you have? Do you have a piece of furniture that you can't decide on? Does anyone else get 3 tables for their birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!! I need two coffee tables and I'm DYING for one just like the lucite and brass table you show via Lonny. It would add such fresh and chic to my boring abode.

  2. Oh Elizabeth, you make me smile every time!! Ok 1. Lucite scratches! Young little girls and lucite, don't mix? 2. PB had a great one I have my eye on. It wood and metal legs. (I'll e-mail it to you). I am so curious about the 3 TABLES!!!!

  3. errgh, I can't find it now. Are you familiar with Down East Outfitters? They are big time in Utah. I saw it there and assumed (doh of me) that it was a Pottery Barn item that was sent to Down East; they sell overstocked furniture items, too. anywhoo. It is very similar to the cb2 one you showed but it has wood on top.

    and ... i love the flowers you were given. beautiful! (and from the little hands that are out stretched giving them to you)

  4. We don't have any. It kinda drives me crazy. In our TV room, where we basically live, we keep it open so my daughter and the dogs can play. However, it keeps it hard to have a drink around, but I guess someone would knock it off. In our living room we don't have one but I'm supposed to be getting my grandmother's round table that has four pie shaped stools underneath (that tuck away nicely so there's nothing sticking out). I'm thinking of redoing the fabric to modernize it but if memory serves correctly, the rest is a nicely finished wood. No marble table, but that's ok.

    Speaking of cool ones though, my mom was given an old metal truck with a wooden top. It's beautiful and I thought I'd snag it at one point but they repainted the metal to fit their new living room and so it stays there. It's great storage inside and beautiful out. What a great combo!!

  5. Right now we're using an old, chippy blue bench as our coffee table in our living room. We always get compliments on it but we bought it for $5 at a flea market. We also have this expensive beauty from Restoration Hardware but we had to put it in the rec room. It's waaaay too big for our living room - you couldn't even get to the couch when we had it in there!

    I like the idea of adding softness to a room with a skirted table. Just make sure you choose a fabric that will hide the occasional spill or stain. Maybe something with pattern. However, that first marble topped table from cb2 is stunning. Not much help, am I?

  6. I love the lucite...alot.

  7. Happy birthday! My birthday's coming up soon..July is a great month to be born in! I love your blog and these photos are incredible. Glad to find you. Happy weekend!

  8. Happy Late Birthday! Those flowers are beautiful!

    My "coffee table" is actually an ottoman right now since I haven't settled on an actual table and I also love putting my feet up. It's on wheels so it can be moved around and also the cat can throw herself on it an it shoots across the room. I like anything Sarinen though and the first one is pretty as well.

  9. Hey, thanks for including my coffee table! Maybe we can meet half way! I'll give you my table you give me your daybed.

  10. Can't wait to hear all about the tables! I loves me some marble, but I get where you're coming from. Be patient, you'll find the table you were destined to have!

  11. I am a huge fan of lucite!! Those marbles tables are gorgeous too though. You have a tough decision!

  12. Hey! There is no shame in Keeping Up With The Kardashians! That show is a sociological phenomenon and should be not only watched but STUDIED. Keep on Keeping Up, sista!

  13. love the marble top and a round table! Our coffee table is an old, very heavy, cool wood trunk with varying layers of sanding and color. It was a big splurge for me at an antique store right out of college at $250+ and I would never spend that kind of money now! Glad you had a nice few days, those flowers are gorgeous...

  14. Happy belated!! Oh the elusive round coffee table. I so want a Platner, but don't want to spend the $$$$$. xoxo Celine

  15. Happy Birthday! Those flowers are beautiful!!! Love ALL of those rooms, especially the bedroom/sitting room combo. Holy Moly. I won't ask about th table, but it sounds sad. So sorry. :( Can't wait to see what you decide! Happy Weekend! Whitley

  16. Happy belated birthday! I can't decide on a table or ottoman for our gameroom to save my life. Love tufted ottomans or maybe a gold table!

  17. Happy Belated birthday! I like the lucite table... I would pick marble as my first choice, but I totally see where you are coming from! Nothing will ever be the table that got away!

  18. Happy birthday to you! I would love to get some furniture of any kind for my Birthday :)
    We had to get rid of our coffee table in exchange for a nice soft ottoman when my daughter - who has cerebral palsy - fell into it and broke her nose. Now we have something nice and soft (yet ugly) and I am looking into what I can do to make a slip cover for it and make it pretty again.

  19. I think you are leaning toward the ottoman....hold out....keep hunting. I feel your "one that got away" pain, but the universe has a way of rewarding you with more better goodness (poor grammar intentional).

  20. Of course I'm dying to know the story of the one that got away but don't want you to have to live through too many painful memories! ;) Don't we all have a story like that about the perfect piece that we should have bought? I know that feeling too well...

    We have a vintage mahogany round table that I salvaged. I do love the roundness of it in a room with a lot of corners.

    Can't wait to see what you choose!


  21. Ohhhh gorgeous flowers! My condolences re: the one that got away. I think we all have a story like that (sigh).

    I recently replaced the rather heavy wrought iron/glass one we had with a lovely vintage brass/glass number (took months to find on eBay due to my rather feeble budget)... which my OH hates because he can't rest his feet on it. Oh well.

    I'm rather partial to the lucite and brass one myself :) x

  22. Happy belated Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it, I was on a lil bloggy break! Hope your special day was everything you had hoped for :)

    P.S. Love the lucite table! I'm in search for a coffee table myself!

  23. We had a coffee table and then gave it to a friend who was moving into an apartment in the city. Mainly because we had a little one starting to move around and those corners just weren't sitting well w/ me. So we are coffee tableless :( And I don't know what we'll be adding in the future for one. I really love the slip covered ottoman idea and the fact that you could remove to wash in the event you wanted to clean it or spot clean. I'll be curious to see what you choose. Did you post your living room plan yet? Can't wait to see what you're planning.

  24. I just found your blog via your guest post today. Hi!
    I've been having the exact same dilemma with buying a coffee table. I'm about 99.9% sure I'll get a marble tulip coffee table though.


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