September 26, 2012

thrifting thru the south

Looking thru someone's vacation pics can be a bit of a bore, but I promise you will like these.  We've done this drive a dozen times, so this year we decided to take our time getting down to FLA and take 'back roads', stopping in towns and shops along the way. (Do I have a great hubs or what?!)

I won't attempt to even remember where each of these things were, just know that next year I think I'll drive a U-Haul down.

Enough gibber gabber.

There were 8 of these chairs (2 arm and 6 regular). AND extra fabric and they were a steal. I don't want to talk about it.

 More Foo

 Love the white chandy.

Great vintage chandy for a little girls room.

And on the way home, we went to Heaven aka Scott Antique Market. I am FOR SURE going back for more of this. It was eye candy overload, so I didn't take too many pics, but here are some of the best.


Some of these things I might have taken home with me (but not as many as I wanted to). Stay tuned...


  1. Now that's a great trip! Love all the chinoiserie finds and especially those blue & white chairs. How pretty for a dining room!

  2. So many wonderful things in one place! I have always wanted to go to Scotts, but I live so far away!

  3. Aagh! Please tell me you got the first pair of chinoiserie lamps! I've been hunting for a pair just like that! Love the lucite chairs and the pink chandy too.

  4. I love those lucite chairs and you just KNOW I'm obsessing over all those foo dogs! Especially the lamps!

  5. Magnificent items. O golly goshers! The twin tables ooooh, the leather buttoned sofa, oh my. Loved this entire post -- thank you!

  6. Jealous! Can't wait to see what you did take home...

  7. Oh my god, so much goodness to behold! I would have thrown out my luggage to make room in the car for the gorgeous lucite chairs. (I die) Oh and the foo lamps! Arghhh! Heaven.

    Oooh and ya know, I have a white lamp in my bedroom almost identical to the one you showed :)


  8. I was gonna ask you about that! i'm guessing you took home a Foo, since you took so many pics of those!!! Love that Lucite chair, chesterfield sofa, dining table that looked like had a marble top, all the lamps and that storage cabinet with all those tin baskets!!!!!Agree with the u-haul next time, but I dont think it will be great with kids crammed up with you up front wathcing their portable dvd players! hehehe!

  9. One word comes to mind after reading this post...Jealous!! You gals down south are so lucky...we gals out here in California are so envious of all your thrift stores, antique markets, and fabulous furniture stores.I have made a few great finds like foo dogs, and I have that same white cutout lamp in my bedroom! Would love to make it a pair! Let me know next time you go and I would love to join you...I will bring the U-Haul!!

  10. Ah, but no BRASS Foo Dogs found buried in concrete?? Mike wouod never stand for this. Luke is the best husband ever.

  11. Oh my, my favorite kind of road trip, what treasures!

  12. It brings tears to my eyes. They have no idea how fab this stuff is. Damn Southerners!

  13. omg seriously? that alone is my DREAM vacation! I would give anything to stop at those places along the way...we're usually blazing through at 100 mph and I'm begging my husband to stop at just ONE place (and he waits in the car). haha. Ah, he just doesn't get my passion. These photos are the best vacay photos i have ever seen!!!! I may even claim them for my own.

    ok, while i'm here, i want to announce my first ever give away over on vivid hue too...

  14. What great finds! I would have been tempted to take way too much home with me!

  15. When I drove south {to FL} with my sister one spring break she would not stop the car every time I yelled "alligator" while staring at the storm drains by the side of the road. I'm sure it would have been the same way for antique and junk shops. She would only stop for boiled p-nuts. I dream of one day visiting part of that yard sale that goes through a billion states.

    I love your finds, especially the orange light! Scotts looks like a fantastic place to visit.

  16. Seriously I might have gone and bought my own pick-up truck to haul those beautys home- LOVE!


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