September 25, 2012

humpty dumpty - piano styling

Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for your imagination. That, and a friend with great ideas.

Before my vacation, I mentioned my problems figuring out how to get this little honey to play well with others in my living room.
I loved all of your ideas and comments, as I always do, but Meg's suggestion really made me think. (thanks Meg!!)

That piano is sure purdy, and I love the story that goes along with it. I really like the first photo, with the whimsical, quirky accessories. Maybe an interesting sign, or word over the piano - or a gallery wall. You should definitely find some accessory that has to do with eggs, I think. A nest? A chicken crate shelf?

To be honest, the first image was my favorite as well. I was drawn to the 'tension' (to use a Million Dollar Decorators term) it created. A very old and classic piano paired with a mod piece of art that wasn't even ment to go inside a home, let alone above a piano. I'm all for going the 'not supposed to' route. And I thought it was a great way to honor my grandma and her hard work but also make it my own.

But I was having trouble figuring out what exactly that 'my own' thing would be. I scoured Etsy for something fun/funny that had to do with chickens, eggs etc. But everything was either too country or just didn't speak to me.

Fast forward to the beach. That sea air does wonders for my psyche. We did lots of great shopping and exploring (more on that later) and made our annual trip to my favorite architectural salvage place where I found two pieces I thought would work.

Work great actually, I was getting excited. But two wasn't going to be enough, and that is all they had. I bought them anyway and hoped I'd find the rest somewhere between Florida and Missouri. That place turned out to be Atlanta. (more on that later too)

Now I'm happy to report my piano is no longer lonely.

This hanging process was not without some minor drama though. My first thought was to use 3M strips to not create any holes in my newly patched, sanded and painted walls. We stuck them everywhere, hung them up and admired modern sticking technology.

But note to self - don't stick breakable things up on the wall, and then leave the house for at least 12 hours. Because when we got back from dinner, I found this on the floor.


Two days of super gluing section by section and waiting for them to dry and she was good as vintage. You can still see a bit of the big crack, but that's character. At least that's what I'm telling anyone who asks.

I reverted back to my good ol' template method and made three small holes into my wall.

Now those babies are up for good and I'm happy.

I love that it means something to me. And for those that don't know the story, they can just think I'm a lobbyist for the egg board. It also adds great depth (literally) to an otherwise flat wall (OK, all walls are flat, but you know what I mean). And an unintended perk is the word works perfectly with the rule of threes. I'd thought about adding an S, but I'm thinking 3 letters look better than 4.

And a shout out to June for saving her pennys and selling eggs, rather than salmon or chicken livers or something that would be gross spelled out on my wall. June, you foresee-er you!

I love it when a head scratcher is solved in a way you never though of. That's just good fun people.

So another item is crossed off the living room to-do list. (minor victory) And this also kicks off vacation week. I'm going to share my finds and eye candy galore. You'll love it and I will cry as I'll wish I was still on vacation.

Have you tried anything lately that is out of your box? Broken anything? Had anyone throw up directly on your face? Just me? Having kids is so glamourous.


  1. I LOVE THIS! It adds a bit of humor to the space, is unexpected, and will be a great conversation starter. Compliments the story of the piano so well. It's just perfect.

  2. LOVE it! I'm so glad you solved you dilemma! It really looks fantastic! (and so much more fun!)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. You are a genius! What a fantastic and sweet solution.

  4. Ok, this looks so cool! I LOVE the colour it brings into the room. You know me, I love colour but I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to actually using it.
    It's quirky and perfect for the story that goes behind the piano (which is also beautiful). Thanks for the shout out, and you're welcome. xo

  5. So cute and quirky! I love that it has meaning to you and is definitely a conversation starter! Great job!

  6. Very whimsical and fun! Great post :)

  7. wow! never thought you'd go so BOLD on this! Love it elizabeth!!!! And I love the meaning that goes with it too!!!

  8. I love it! It really adds a bold statement ;)

  9. It's great. S or no S, it's fun. My dog threw up last week. Does that count?

  10. I absolutely j'adore it!! I'm jealous of those letters, they are the perfect mix...good job girlie!

  11. it looks amazing with the letters above it- they add a nice industrial touch to keep it from being too grannyish (i mean, it's a piano after all!)

  12. Whoa. This is so fantastic, Elizabeth!

  13. Oh how I love a little quirk in a room.....looks great!

  14. I think this is perfect! The letters alone are so unexpected and the word is even more so! Awesome find!

  15. Way to go!!! I've been looking forward to seeing what you would "do" with this piano. My mother-in-law is trying to give us her mother's, now that they are downsizing, but I am like WHAT am I going to do with it, and WHERE am I going to put it?! At any rate, LOVE your EGG! :)

  16. I love it!!! I love the unexpected mix also; the "tension" is awesome!! (What the heck happened to that show, anyway?? I keep looking for it to come back on!) Oh and do you know how many times I wailed that Florida has no "cool" places to know, like architectural salvage yards...what the crap?!? I'll have to take a special drive next time we're there just to go there! I guess that's what happens when you're a tourist- you aren't all cynical like us natives so you take the time to find the cool stuff! Nothing better than coming back from a trip with souvenirs!

  17. Oh my god YES!! This is just brilliant and I love the craziness of it all. Genius :) xxx

  18. I love it! Great colour and texture, and even better that it has meaning!

  19. Oh yeah, this tension is good! And I love that you took a lot of time to think it all through. That's how the best design is born, don't you think. I mean spur of the moment can lead to great things, but taking the time...that's when you get a winner like this.


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