April 3, 2013

dirty little secret

I'm going to be doing some simple updates to our (one and only) bathroom over the next few weeks and I've decided where I want to start.

Grant K. Gibson

Toilet paper is a big source of annoyance in my house. And just to show you that I'm not being a hard ass, this is what the toilet paper situation looks like at our house most all of the time.


Now I could put all the blame on the hubs for this one, but I am just as bad. I don't know what his excuse is but mine is very simple - my imaginary cleaning lady forgets to replace it each time she comes. I tell you, if she does it again I might have to pretend fire her.

So I think it is time to call a spade a spade - we are not avid toilet paper re-fillers in this house. Everyone has their strengths but that is not one of ours. So I've been thinking of alternatives. Storage alternatives. Not alternatives to using TP. That's just...wrong.

I'm thinking baskets.

all images via my Pinterest board
I bring home a new package of toilet paper from Target, unwrap said package, throw it in the basket and voila. No worries about refilling the roll.

Marital Bliss brought to you by the little black door. Consider this an early anniversary present hubs.

What do you think? Do you have a household quirk? A task that never seems to get done in your house? Ever do a search for toilet paper display in Pinterest? Don't. It's scary.


  1. Ha Elizabeth ... my bathrooms look the same way!! I have a little antique chest that I store all mine end ... but still have the half roll sitting on the tp holder. Maybe I'll just remove it!! Elimination is good! xo

  2. Very funny! My kids won't replace a roll to save their life and then if they do replace it, they put it on the wrong way---under instead of over--I hate that.. A basket full of paper would solve the entire problem plus it looks good!

  3. This drove my mom crazy when we were growing up! Some how she must have gotten through to me because I most always but on a new roll. Water glasses by the bed...not the same story. :(

  4. Sometimes I truly believe I am the only one that changes the teepee roll at our house ;) Love the inspration images above :) xo Kristin

  5. You need to fire that cleaning woman :) I need the type of toilet paper hanger that you just slip the roll over. Let me know how that basket works. I see splashing water and soggy paper in my home.

  6. I'm sorry to say friend, but I'd kick your ass! That too goes on in my house, I just don't get it!! In my half bath I have a rectangle basket with toilet paper and reading material, we like to multitask in the loo...I now have a new pet peeve, the empty toilet rolls are left in the basket, heaven forbid anyone throw them away and for some reason we can't use one roll at a time, we have to pull from every roll in the basket...I guess every system has it's flaws!! Needless to say, I love the look!!

  7. Having paper used from more than one roll....I thought of that when I was reading it. The paper would never be used from the same roll. I'd end up with a basket of half used rolls! Really it's a great idea. I wish I had the floor space to pull it off. And...I loved the comment about the empty roll not being thrown away. I can see that becoming a reality!
    Great Post about our every day annoyances!!! Love it!

  8. Oh my, I should send you a picture right this second! I am not to blame, though! :)

  9. I use tall glass vases to hold my toilet paper - a tall cylindrical one and a bubble-shaped one and I love them both. For my boys, I have the traditional one with cover in bamboo, that's because I don't think glass can hold up in the toilet of 2 rumbunctious boys!

  10. I keep my spare rolls stacked vertically in one of those cylindrical tall vases. It holds about 5 rolls and looks nice too.

    1. I got mine from pottery barn 5+ years ago. Here is a similar one http://www.potterybarn.com/products/display-hurricane/?pkey=ccandle-holder

      Mine in 5''dia x 18''H. I've seen them at Pier 1 and Home Goods too.

  11. My imaginary cleaning lady does the SAME thing:)

  12. I need a solution on this too. Really everyone should have some type of TP storage like that. Life would just be easier. And I will admit I'm the culprit lots of the time. I think I'd like a decorative box type idea with a lid. And it should probably not be breakable.

  13. I put my toilet paper in baskets. So easy! One less thing to do at my house-hooray! i am now curious about what pinterest would show for toilet paper organization...

  14. Our toilet paper situation is just as pathetic. With older (read:lazier) kids, it seems like I'm the only one who changes the roll. Nothing worse than needing toilet paper and discovering the empty roll. Plus, nobody in my house can ever install the roll with the paper coming down from the top, not the underside. I like the basket thing - perhaps it would lead to a happier marriage...

  15. This made laugh so hard. I love the basket idea but don't think the toilet paper conundrum won't continue in other forms (as people noted above). Can I just say I'm also loving all the black bathroom floors, especially the first pic. Is it wrong to love a bathroom floor? Probably. Ewww.

  16. That would drive me nuts but it seems like we have the same cleaning lady, she's just not that good.

    Perhaps something like this would work for you? This one is a bit pricey but Target would probably have something similar.


    The paper would still be in the same direction :) They come horizontal to, you just have to remember to face it the right way so the roll doesn't go flying off every time you use it.

  17. I think I seriously need to jump on this train. Same problem in our house and as annoying as it is, I still am too lazy to switch it out. This basket idea looks like a keeper.

  18. We use a basket in the master bath. For the guest bath....an antique French plate rack to fit in the small bathroom space. Original plan was for plate display on dining room buffet, but modern plates are just to large! Maybe I should equate that to larger mid-section too! Ha! My sister lives in an old renovated farmhouse and also uses baskets for toilet paper storage.
    I think your going to be happy with you solution.

  19. love the idea of using a basket!

  20. Wow, who knew so many comments on tp storage? I keep mine in a basket for the very reasons you cited. Now, if I could just everyone to throw the empties into the trash rather than back into the basket. Nothing is perfect.

  21. We are the same way in our house! And then somehow it's always my fault that the tp doesn't get replaced on the roll! I keep it in a basket in the guest bathroom and I love it. Of course it's the bathroom that hardly gets used. I should do it in the master and kids' baths too. These pictures make tp look so stylish!

  22. Lol! I'm pretty anal about this one but I can't say the same about the hubs. It drives me crazy, and we have the slip ones too! I like your basket idea.

  23. Love the TP rolls in baskets ... in theory. In reality, when you have children of the male species you can't have anything on the floor near the toilet. In fact you shouldn't even have a toilet. You should have a big plastic room with a single drain in the middle of the floor. : )

  24. I have to admit, that's how we do it in our house and it's probably the only reason the TP ever gets replaced. And in the master bath we have the holder that you just slip the roll on and you're done. Love that one. I don't think my boys have ever replaced a tp roll. I'll leave that training to their future wives...

    I just read Susie's comment above and she is speakin true!



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