April 1, 2013

i heart katie ridder

Morning y'all. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating spring weather, celebrating Easter or celebrating the Walking Dead season finale - whatever you choose to celebrate.

We had a lovely time being outside as much as possible, soaking up that lovely vitamin D (aka the Sun) and eating way too much candy. Lots of chocolate of course but also some good eye candy.

While looking for some inspiration for my new couch, I came upon this lovely picture.

Katie Ridder and I totally have the same taste in couches. We will be having cocktails over lunch and talking about the RHOBH reunion before you know it.

But until she calls me back about where our reservations are, I thought I would share some more Katie.

all images via Katie Ridder

images via Pinterest
She likes color and she's not afraid to use it.

How about you? Do you like Katie's style? Would you silver leaf your ceiling? Do you know where to get a disco ball chandy?


  1. I do like her. I'm sure you can find that chandy on Ebay. The exact idea for your sofa will come to you, I just know it.

  2. Girl, I love her style! Nice to see someone that isn't afraid to spread a little color around. Still love your sofa!


  3. I like her too! Loving the contrasting trim color! Great pop!

  4. She does color to Perfection! Wow!
    and yes, I would silver leaf a ceiling....WHY NOT?

  5. I was unfamiliar with Katie but now I am hooked, so thank you for the introduction. Her style is so bold and fun. I love that.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your sofa!

  6. I am pinning so many of these...Love them!

  7. I love her style too! Can't resist color and pattern! Maybe find a glass sphere chandy with the panels and spray the inside with mirror spray paint?

  8. So much eye candy here! Love it all---disco ball included!

  9. Obsessed with that green color! Would be way too afraid to use it but she styles it beautifully.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. Katie Ridder is fantastic. I was lucky enough to meet her in my previous career, and she was gracious, beautiful and very low-key. Speaking nothing of her insane talent (I love her book, btw), she is a class act.

  11. Ok, I love the idea of the kitchen with the library ladder, but I know what would happen in my house. A naked toddler would be climbing up a really big dishtowel rack.

  12. You do just as well as she does. You are learning from her well. Hi, Elizabeth. It seems like forever since I have been here. Just stopping by. I took a 4 day vacation from my computer and I feel like a new fresh spring time tulip again. hahahahahaha. No new post yet, just saying hi.

  13. I really like her use of color! Wow on the part 1 reunion. There's so much they just talk around between them and I get so confused about everything.

  14. I want a disco ball chandy too! I will let you know if I can find an affordable one! Lover her use of color!
    Holly Foxen Wells

  15. I heart Katie too! Her design books is one of my favorites and how amazing is her fabric/wallpaper line!

  16. I do love her style, thanks for introducing us to her! I totally could see one of these images being your own. I love saturated couches and would totally go for one if the opportunity presented itself (Craigslist maybe?).

  17. Elizabeth,
    Love ALL of these rooms! I have drooled over the disco ball room since seeing it in InStyle Mag a while back. I have a disco ball hanging in our living room! But, I have no idea where to get one quite like that :). Awesome post!

  18. I love the green sofa in the first picture! and I'm DYING to silver leaf my ceiling!! If these ceilings actually belonged to me I'd be slapping some silver leaf up in the dining room right now. It's such a gorgeous look!

  19. I have always wanted a green velvet sofa, so I am totally swooning over the first image. I also like the white kitchen with the library ladder, what a great solution to grab items from out of reach upper cabinets! Also loving the last image, adore the refreshing colors!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway to win a stunning mural wallpaper.(worth $500!)



  20. I just love her style - chic and sophisticated. The sidetable is fabulous!!

  21. TOTALLY know where to get a disco ball CHandy!! I have had it in my hands for clients in New York 3 times when they backed out..each one of them.boo :( it was at an amazing store called "Olde Good Things"


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