July 15, 2013

best of pinterest - curb appeal

Hey sunshine! Did you have a good weekend? Spend anytime on Pinterest? I did (follow me here) and I actually had an occasion to search for something on one of my boards. It got me thinking - I pin like a mad woman, but how often do I ever really go back and look thru what I've pinned?

Not often enough is the answer. Why am I pinning all of these wonderful images if not to use them for inspiration/daydreaming.

So I've decided I'm going to use Pinterest to create my dream house and today I'm starting with the outside.

Something a bit farmhouse like is striking my fancy.

Or maybe cedar shake. Either way, I want lots of windows and a nice big front porch.

 Of course this frankenstein house is on a grand lot with a long winding path,

which takes you to a front door with some major presence

and window boxes everywhere.

There is a courtyard in the back with a lovely pool

surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens that my tan house boy CoCo maintains.

Beyond will be an herb garden that would make Ina proud

and more hydrangeas that I can count.

There also needs to be a gate somewhere

And a carriage house/garage, for CoCo's apartment of course.

What about you? What would your Pinterest dream house look like?


  1. Wow!!!! I love your dream house! Can I live there with you? That long winding front path? And gardens of hydrangeas? Yes please. I don't even know WHERE I would start with my dream house…..I think I actually need several of them, none of them very grand, just in various locales that strike my fancy (one with a view of the ocean…..one on a lake…..and one on a swanky street in Boston)….all with completely different decor, of course! CoCo would be welcome at any of them!!

  2. I love all these houses. The carriage house is beautiful! I was just by the beaches in Toronto which has some beautiful victorian homes, but nothing that matches this scale!

  3. Your house is amazing! Can I move in??? :)

  4. I share you desire for a front porch! The house we have now is the first one we've ever owned without a front porch and we miss it terribly. Gorgeous images!!

  5. My fave is the Tudor, but I also love a beach cottage on the water:)

    I just decluttered and resorted my Pinterest boards this weekend ( ahh to have extra time in the summer to do such banal things,lol) Now it's a bit easier to find things.


  6. You know what Elizabeth? I had been burned out by Pintrest but have just gotten back into this past weekend. SO much inspiration, I'm addicted again!

  7. They're all so gorge! I swear I should be a realtor. I have a sick sick disease-like obsession when it comes to looking in other people's homes. Is there medication for that?

  8. holy hydrangeas! I'd love to have rows of those suckers!

  9. An old farmhouse with a wrap around porch would be nice or the old abandoned house I have my eye on. Floor to ceiling windows would be nice. Really though, these days my criteria is only that I can afford it and that it has a layout I can live with. :)

  10. Hydrangeas are my favorite! I will plant them everywhere when I have my house. Those front doors are wonderful!


  11. Such eye candy! That third image is just amazing!

  12. I love all of your ideas (pins). At this very moment, I am loving white houses...inside, outside....wherever. Ask me tomorrow, and it will be different.

  13. Show me a garden pool and I fall in love! I can't choose a favorite. These are all stunning, Elizabeth!

  14. The Frankenstein house actually is on a small city lot in Atlanta. The back yard is tiny and charming. This cute cottage belongs to designer Dan Carithers and is located in Buckhead.
    xo, lissy

  15. So...Just checking. Coco only cleans the pool? And has an apartment provided? Ok then...where exactly do I apply? I can use spray tan like a beast, you'll never know I am not tan Coco.


  16. Very nice overall house silhouette - meaning the first one. Somehow cut down, it adds to the dynamic of the building.



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