July 17, 2013

best of pinterest - entry hall

Let's move inside my Pinterest dream house to the foyer, shall we? Foyers are one of my very favorite rooms, the room that says 'here's what you have to look forward to in this joint.' While I'm doing the most I can with the shoebox quaint foyer I have, I'm going big in chez Pinterest.

Fantastic wallpaper, check. I've got to have some 'bam' to go with my large and in charge front door right? Right.

A place to sit down and put on shoes, or throw my fabulous Gucci bags (this is a dream after all).

A console for CoCo to put the mail down when he comes in from finishing his yard work.

And big beautiful stairs.

 With a great railing.

Maybe curvy
 All images via my stairs and foyer board

or maybe straight. But either way they are going to be fabulous.

What would your dream foyer look like? Are you warm and cozy or more minimalist? Anyone else get giddy when they see a good foyer? Just me?


  1. These are beautiful and are such fab. inspiration. My ideal entryway would be roomy maybe with a round table in the middle...and I love black and white marble!! oooohhh....and some fab art work!

  2. A collection of dream foyers indeed! It's good to get inspiration from these spaces but, dare I say, your little entry is pretty darn cute too!

  3. I hope that CoCo will be a recurring theme in all your dream rooms :)
    I love those big gold dramatic staircases!! So Gone With The Wind!

  4. the entry with the blue and white rug is an all time fave as is the one with the big swanky white mirror!

  5. Wow, I would say exactly what Albertina said....!!

  6. These are so beautiful. My dream foyer is a spacious room with a grand staircase and a gorgeous settee to put my shoes on! :) Lovely inspirations!

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  7. I've loved that third image for a long time! Our entryway is made up of two long, narrow hallways (bottom floor of our townhouse) and it's just an awkward layout with no room to put a console table. Someday I'll have space for one!

  8. I want it classically bold please! I love jaw dropping wallpaper when you first enter. Oh and a giant mirror!

  9. A foyer large enough to put a big round table in is the glammiest of glam!

  10. These are truly enviable foyers! Love them all!

  11. Can boldly restrained be a style? Bold but minimal? I do love wallpaper but not a lot of clutter. The first and the last are my favorites.

  12. My dream foyer would look like the one you currently have. The end.

  13. oooh the 1st bench and 1st staircase are heavenly!

  14. Fantastic work you've done there with your dream foyer! That one at the bottom with the pink geometric wallpaper... aaaahhh!!!! Give me please! And, I'm with Camille, your real life foyer is pretty fantastic!

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  16. What a fantastic idea! The pink wallpaper is amazing!

    --Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  17. I totally get giddy looking at beautiful big foyers. My entrance hall is so narrow I can't even fit a SHELF nevermind a place to sit and take off my shoes. I swear next time we move, I will have a big foyer! I will I will! xxx

  18. Love the big beautiful stairs.


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