August 21, 2013

ribbon trim pillow diy

So last week I was all about bathrooms and this week it appears that pillows are the flavor of the day. But then again, when aren't pillows my jam? Never. The answer to that question is never.

My pillows pinterest board (say that five times fast) is full of wish list pillows and fabrics to make into more pillows. But since my Publishers Clearing House check still has not arrived, I need to get...creative on how to make these pillows happen.

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Case in point.

I love these pillows long time. But they are a bit out of budget. So one day while drooling I thought, "I've got pillow cases and I've got ribbon, how hard can this be?"

The answer - it was so easy I almost feel foolish to share the step by step. Almost.

I started with a simple white pillow cover from IKEA (the Ritva, for only $7). I love the Ritva because its cheap (duh), it has great texture and a nice boarder.

Next was the ribbon - I sifted thru my stash and decided on this navy and white ribbon I used way back when. And if you remember that post you must be my mom as I'm pretty sure my mom was the only one reading this thing back then.

First step - layout your base lines and cut the ribbon/trim to size. I decided to use the natural boarder on the pillow as my 'end' which allowed me to get nice straight edges.

Second step - balance. What is that weird thing in the bottom of the picture? It's a tape measure. I know, weird and very uncharacteristic of me. But I wanted this to be as pretty as I imagined it in my head and for the design to work properly it does need to be accurate. Never a favorite word of mine, but I did it. The measurements themselves are totally arbitrary but once I decided on one side what looked best, I made sure to measure that same spacing out everywhere else.

Step three - add your diamond pieces. You will want to make sure that they meet precisely in the middle of the pillow on each of the four sides to ensure your pattern isn't lopsided. I'm not a fan of lopsided pillows.

Once everything is in place, grab that trusty fabric glue and go to town. Oh, and I did cut down each end and then iron the end of the ribbon to the underside of said ribbon in order to prevent fraying and give it that 'perfect' edge.

And it's (say it with me) just that easy!

Zoey is photo bombing my beauty shot. Don't focus on the dog, look at the pretty pillows. Ooohh. Ahhhh.

Very little work for very big impact. And so fast. I was done in 20 minutes. Give it a go, you know you wanna.

So I've used the words preciously, exact and measurements all in the same post. Doesn't sound like me at all. I must be growing, or hallucinating.

Are you precise with your DIY projects? Ever try a different path for your projects?


  1. LOVE the pillows! I may have to give this a try since no sewing is needed :)

  2. Fun! Looks pretty easy too, my kind of DIY :) xo Kristin

  3. Blogging can bring out some new vocabulary but I agree on their preciousness!!

  4. I will add ribbon to my ritva pillows...I will add ribbon to my ritva pillows...

    I've been saying this for a year. I bought them last year after seeing some bloggers fancy them up. Then nothing. I'm scared. I'm going to bite the bullet soon. It's only $7 if I screw it up right? :)

  5. looks even better than your inspiration Elizabeth!!!! Must try!

  6. Love it! Start selling those puppies and you won't need the giant PCH check after all.

  7. Love this idea. I never use fabric glue, but I should. Love the photo bomber.

  8. And it looks perfect, Elizabeth!! Love it, and thank you for the tip!
    Happy Wednesday.

  9. I looooove that ribbon! I always try to get away with just 'eye-balling' things, but when you really want a DIY to turn out as pretty as it is in your head, I think you're right to break out the measuring tape!

  10. Oh so easy and looove that ribbon look!

  11. Your new pillows look good and I love the no-sew idea. What's not to love about this easy and inexpensive DIY idea?? And it brings such a big impact on your sofa! You are a genius, my friend! I would love to try this one day! Thanks for the inspiration!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway($50 Novica gift cert) when you get a chance.


  12. Looks SO good! My kind of project :)

  13. Pretty, precious, pillows from your pillows pinterest board! I always need new pillow ideas...this one is a keeper!

  14. LOOOVE it. Such an affordable way to make a pillow look so CHIC! H&M has $4 pillow covers right now and I am so tempted to give this a go!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  15. Sooo cute!! Love that this is a project I could potentially tackle.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Oh wow, I love your ribbon pillows! It's very stylish and has a fun look to it, very creative Elizabeth!

  18. pillowspinterestboardpillowspinterestboardpillowspinterestboardpillowspinterestboardpillowspinterestboard

    I am so, SO, so stealing this idea from you, clever girl!!!!! You have got it GOING ON with ribbon these days!!!!! My mother in law and I have been working on fabric for pillows and curtains in her new house and I have been debating over contrast piping, but I think I like the ribbon trim even better! Thank you for sharing!

  19. They turned out so well! A little trim goes a long way to taking something from drab to fab. And I'm with you - I'm not precise with my projects most of the time. I rarely read directions and usually just wing it! Sometimes that means it takes longer and involves more swearing. My mother, on the other hand, is a total perfectionist with her projects. We often clash when we work together because I just want to get it done already!

  20. superb job and I love Zoey photo bombing! So cute!

  21. Oooh quick and easy is my kinda project!! Love how these came out, you rock on with your precise measuring. I would have totally made this way more complicated and got out the sewing machine - overkill? Yes, that's my middle name. Zoey totally stole that last shot, what a face ;) xxx

  22. Great job, love how they turned out, and LOVE Zoey!
    xo Nancy

  23. I do love those pillows but dang that dog's cute.

  24. I need some fabric glue STAT!

    Pretty sure that my Mom still makes up 20% of my readers still.

    I love Zoey back there!!!!!

  25. Loving the ribbon you choose! I have tried to use the fabric glue and I have found that you HAVE to have THICK ribbon so you don't see the glue! Super fun on your couch with the other pillows!

  26. Good for you-way to save $165! Your pillow looks great!

  27. omg i had to focus on zoey! she's too cute up there. btw - the pillow looks GREAT. i love that trim!


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