March 26, 2014

furbish studio's vintage sale

I can hardly wait. In just a few hours (11:00 AM EST) my favorite store that I've never been to, Furbish Studio will be having a huge ONLINE sale full of vintage and one of a kind things. The next best thing for those of us not lucky enough to live close by.

Be sure to check it out! I'm counting the minutes!


  1. Ohhhh thanks for the memo Elizabeth! I can't wait!! I wish I could go there in person, too. hopefully one day-- so this is the next best thing. Happy shopping. xo Nancy

  2. What the what? Thanks for the heads-up! Guess I know how I'm spending some of our tax return!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up - I will be checking it out!

  4. Love that image - beautiful colors! Good luck w/the sale - I'm sure you'll find something fab.

  5. Everything is so cute!! Thanks for the reminder...I was forgetting!

  6. So exciting, I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the update!!

    The Glam Pad

  7. thank you for posting about the sale!!

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  9. There were so many goodies I could barely choose!!

  10. Yes! Oh my gosh I am so excited about this! Love all of their things!


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