June 20, 2014

fess up friday - short and sweet

Today is a good day for three reasons. One, it is Friday. (duh) Two, Alexa is here. And three, Kirby is here too. Kirby and Alexa, better known as Short and Sweet are a daily must read. One of the things I love best about their blog is that they are aces at mixing it up. Beauty posts, lifestyle, design and shopping - they cover it all but it is always original and relatable. And their fess up today is no different. I'm so glad they are here to wrap up Fess Up Friday for the summer. So ladies, fess up!

We are not fashion bloggers.

So much of the blogging world is aspirational. It's fun to see the way some of our favorite bloggers style the items sitting in our online shopping carts, but it's hard to take fashion photos in our real lives. We both have jobs. We each have a dog, and Alexa has a toddler and a baby. To be honest, outfit posts take a lot of time! First there's hair (are we the only ones who wear top knots 90% of the time?) and makeup (more makeup for photos is better), then there's the clothes, shoes (in case you didn't guess from the title of our blog we're both short), and lighting. The best photos are typically taken in the daylight, but we usually blog in the early morning or late night hours. Here are a few outfit post outtakes that didn't make the blog.

The lighting here is all wrong. All we had to do was cross the street to take better photos for the final post, but it took some trial and error.
This is Tank. He gets worried whenever the camera comes out and runs into the shot for a quick cuddle. Who can resist that face?
This is what happens when you wear something to brunch and try to take photos later. Even Photoshop can't fix those wrinkles.

There is so much going on here I'm not sure where to begin. Notice the random string of yard draped across the lawn. That was there for probably two weeks. As were the egg and doll house furniture. The baby was at a height of consternation at this point (as you can tell by his clenched fists).

"Mommy's taking a photo right now. Yes if you're good you can have a chocolate chip afterwards. Ok two chocolate chips. Ok three. Ok, why don't I just bake you two dozen chocolate chip cookies?" Also, notice the bandaid on my forefinger. No idea what that was from.

But, it's all in a day's work, right? At least for a blogger. ;)
Thanks for having us Elizabeth!


  1. i love these ladies- they are so fun and sweet! and i think we all bribe our kids for more blogging time.....

  2. I can relate...not to the outfit posts, but to the bribery for a photo shoot. "No, honey, don't sit on the couch right now I am getting ready to shoot this room...have a glass of chocolate milk and I will let you photo bomb at the end..." yep, pretty normal.

  3. I can relate too, same situation here as Kristin.


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