September 10, 2014

20 facts

Well there seems to be an unintentional theme going this week at LBD. I was tagged on Instagram by my dear Shelley at Crazy Wonderful to share 20 facts about myself. So in keeping with Monday's post, let's share some more today, shall we?

1. I'm left-handed and therefore I am not too great at using scissors.

2. I quote movies. Everyday all day long. The hubs and I talk in movie quotes and now even my girls have started quoting movies. It can't be explained. Most of the time people have no idea what I'm saying.

3. I got a perm the summer before my freshman year of college and I realized it was a mistake the day after I got it. I spent the summer washing my hair and trying my best to brush that sucker into submission.

4. I'm horrific at small talk. I don't like it and I don't do it well. So it worked out well to have married a man who is king of small talk. He can just do it for me.

5. Music is very important to me and Pandora is on all day everyday.  We listen to a lot of different things but my girls' favorite station is The GoGo's. I had three older sisters who had vastly different tastes in music and because of this I have a wide range of likes when it comes to music and I want my daughter's to have the same. Nothing makes me prouder than my girls knowing Eleanor Rigby, The Gambler and a lot in between.

6. I've been to each and every state in the lower 48. All by car. (a layover in an airport somewhere doesn't count). And of those states, I've been to 40 state capitals. We were a road trip family and my mom has a thing for state capitals.

7. I only have one pair of jeans. I'd much rather be in a dress or skirt. Or PJ pants quite frankly.

8. If I hear "I want a snack" one more time, I very well may loose my mind.

9. Patience is not something I have a lot of. Kids have helped with that a little. A little.

10. No one makes me laugh more than my husband.

11. My freshman year of high school my civics class attended a local political debate. I stood up and asked the opponent a pointed question and he told me, with microphone in hand, that if I wasn't careful people would start calling me "the B word." My teacher told me that women will face that when challenging a man but to stay strong and speak my mind. That teacher was a 60 year old man and he gave me my best women's lib moment.

12. I am a working mom, but I stay at home. And because of this, I don't feel like I fit well into either 'mom group'. This makes small talk at the playground difficult. Well, that and #4 above.

13.  My girls are smarter, stronger and funnier than I had ever imagined and I feel like I can't take any credit for that. They came that way and I can't wait to see what they become.

14. I was in a sorority in college and I loved every minute of it. Many of my dear friends are from that time in my life and the whole experience was positive from start to finish.

15. After college I was going to move to Ireland and open a bar called the Lactose Intolerant Monkey.

16. I met my husband in a bar in college. He was a bartender and I never paid for beer again.

17. I did go to Ireland after college, but came back due to #16.

18. I always imagined myself as a big city dweller, but I quickly realized that I am truly a small town girl. As long as I have a big city near by to visit once in a while, I'm happy with a quieter life.

19. I don't think TV is evil. How can something that created The Golden Girls be evil?

20. I like to prank call my husband during the day sometimes. Everyone needs a laughter break at work.


  1. Love this! I too, me my husband at a bar, and I have also been a victim of a bad perm (right before we took a family vacation to Europe, so I have lots of photos to commemorate it). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my god this is so brilliant! Love your 'feminist' moment as well, good on your teacher! Oh also, when I first moved to England I said I was going to open a pub called The Big Cock. (as in cockerel, of course, get yer mind out of the gutter ;)) xxx

  3. Oh, Elizabeth, I love this! And whatever - you can totally take credit for your girls' intellect and humor because you have it in spades - duh. We have a lot in common, my friend - bad at small talk, loved my sorority experience - but the main one is talking in movie quotes. My husband and I are constantly communicating in movie quotes, often from either a John Hughes film or Mean Girls or something like that. Loved getting to know more about you (that Ireland bar thing makes you super cool in my book - like you weren't already?)!

  4. You crack me up! This was all the good ways ;-) My favorite was the fact that you prank call your hubs. Awesome :)

  5. Oh my gosh you make me laugh. I prank call my husband too! And I am a movie quoter. Most of my texts back and forth with my forever BFF are just lines from movies :) And I couldn't relate more to #12

  6. I love these kind of lists! I feel like I know you so much better.

    I'm also terrible at small talk. I always want to jump in on the big topics.

  7. Loved this. And I, too, prank call my husband (of 39 years). We talk in poetry snippets and phrases. I do think we often pick mates who fill in our blanks. My husband hates small talk, I can talk to anyone about most anything. As for naming bars, for many years I did PR for our community's mental health center. Two of the psychologists had an escape hatch of living therapy behind and opening a bar and deli. I, of course, suggested they all it the Psycho Deli Bar. Your girls are adorable: strong, smart and funny. Ticks all my boxes.

  8. Cool list! You are not alone in #4 and I totally get #12.

  9. One word: Awesome! I relate on so many levels b/c I'm not good at small talk and have two young girls too. Thanks for the fun post!

  10. Loved learning a bit more about you! I hope that guy lost the debate.

  11. you and your husband sound like a fabulously entertaining team! :) i love it!
    and i want a snack.

  12. I loved this so much. I hope we get to meet in person soon! And I'll try to keep the small talk to a minimum. :)

  13. Hehehehe.... Loooved it!!!!! So, my jaw TOTALLY hit the floor at 11. The Lactose Intolerant Monkey is brilliant. And I knew my husband was the one for me when I found out he loved the Golden Girls.

  14. I love this! I can relate to about 18 of glad you shared!! Oh, and the hubby & I can work a Seinfeld quote into any conversation!!

  15. Loved learning a little about you! I love wearing dresses too - they feel so feminine and comfortable.

  16. This is why I adore you so. Prank calls = happiness. Loved reading your list! Where in Ireland did you live??

  17. Love this and can relate to so many of these!! I was literally laughing out out loud! I can't believe that politician said that to you!!! "Nobody puts baby in the corner!" :)

  18. This is a great list! Have you tried Grooveshark? You have much more control and options than with Pandora. I would totally go to that bar just for the name.

    People never get the reference when I tell them I'm training to be a cage fighter. I feel like if they ask why I'm limping I can tell them this. ;)

  19. You are the best! We have many things in common, no surprise. Although, I don't have time to prank call my husband....if he answers the phone (his office has caller ID), then I need to take that moment to tell him what he has done wrong, or how something is his fault. I love to quote movies and song lyrics.

  20. Such a great list - love that you lived in Ireland and came back to marry your husband. Like you, I thought I wanted big city living, but after a few years in NYC, which I loved, I was dying to get back to my small town…

  21. OK this is going to be a long one (that's what he said)....

    I quote movies ALL THE TIME too. Mostly Will Ferrell ones. I hate making small talk--perhaps the reason why I can't bring myself to attend a blogger conference! I got a perm the summer after my freshmen year. I thought I was the sh!t. Always thought I was a city girl, too but am truly sort of a country mouse. Patience is not one of my virtues. Humor is everything.

    #11-14 make me proud to "know" you. #15 & 16 make me relate. #freebeer #lactoseintolerant



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