September 29, 2014

design crush - schuyler samperton

Well here we are again, another Monday. And I don't know about you, but after that weekend I need something pretty good to slap me into action. Luckily I have just the thing. Two words - Schuyler Samperton. When I saw this spread in House Beautiful over the weekend I sat right up and said, "You are speaking to me HB. Give me more!" So of course I immediately went to Schuyler's web site and well, I was pretty much giddy for the rest of the day.

all images via

And there is a lot more where that came from. As I went thru her whole portfolio I noticed several images that I had ripped from magazines to put in my design binders, you know pre-Pinterest.

So what about you - found any new inspiration lately? How do you get moving on Monday? Want to help me sift through a big pile of paint chips?


  1. Ha, I'm not moving...I'm sitting on the couch! After this weekend, I deserve it and am enjoying all the great inspiration up there.

  2. I love all those color combos! Gorgeous!

  3. Let me just wipe up my drool. These interiors are stunning! Thanks for the intro! :)

  4. OMG!!!! The colors, the blue and white jars, the bamboo i know what site I'm spending the rest of the day on!! Thx! :)

  5. I'm totally in love too! I love the bold use of color on the drapes! This totally pushes me to want to use navy drapes in my bedroom!! :)

  6. She is one talented gal!!! I have had her bedroom pinned for some time! Love it!

  7. I'd take any one of those rooms in a heartbeat. Those pink curtains. Want.

  8. Beautiful rooms! Very cozy, layered and fresh. I love the way she uses color. A very talented designer for sure!


  9. I am not a color person but this girl could make me cross over to the dark side:)


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