April 10, 2012

gotta know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away. Know when to run.

I'm quoting Kenny Rodgers. This means I've been doing some soul searching, or some drinking. I'll let you decide.

The paint color I chose is now on the walls in the master bedroom. And although I love it, really I do, its making me re-think the whole color scheme I had in mind.

But I can't show you my progress without a little light conversation first. So let me give you a brief history of the room.

The house was built in 1942. Just kidding, not that type of history. When we bought the house, this room was nothing but a white box.
Plain as plain can be. Nothing to fix or remove, just a blank canvas. Literally.

Our first iteration was Amelia's nursery. These were pre-blogging days, so sadly I only have two pictures. Taken with a very old camera.

I loved this room. And it stayed like this for almost 3 years. A lifetime in my always-changing-things-around world.

But as we prepared for our second baby, we decided to switch rooms. They are roughly the same size, but I thought it was time we got to use the walk-in closet.

With all of the prep we took to get the new room ready for the girl(s) we didn't put any effort into our 'new' bedroom. We took the polka dots off the wall. That was it. And thus the 'redo our bedroom' line item took its permanent place on the to-do list.

Look at this sad two legged bedside table for pete's sake. It may defy gravity, but its just pitiful.

This brings us up to this weekend. The room is stripped. Curtains are down and everything is off the wall. And many many holes have been patched.

does anyone else always have Barbie's on their dresser?

I kicked the kids and husband out of the house and took all day Saturday to listen to Pandora and paint.

Now it should be known that I am not the 'cut in' person in our relationship. My husband is the cutter and I am the roller. Some might say that is because we are an awesome team and love to share responsibilities and work together.

Some would be wrong.

The truth is I am WAY too impatient to cut. The taping, the prep work, the patience to SLOWLY glide your brush along the...ugh. See. I'm too impatient to even describe it.

But this time was different. Maybe it is the residual patience built up from having two little girls, or my advancing age (even though I don't look a day over 21) but I wanted to try the whole thing on my own.

To prep myself, as any good blogger would, I asked WWYHLD? (what would young house love do) I studied Sherry's video on how to cut in. I even bought Sherry's favorite brush.

And it paid off. I mean, come on now, look at that line!


And the color - lovely!

I took my time and sang as I went. I literally whistled while I worked. And without an inch of blue tape in site, I had a painted room and newly painted trim before the sun went down. Only 2 Starbucks teas required.

This isn't the best picture (poor end of the day lighting + tired painter/photographer). It reads more peach than it really is. In reality it really is the perfect grass cloth warm yellow.

So this brings us back to the issue I started with. (see I really did have a point)

The color scheme. While I think the navy will work well in here, I propped my kelly green mirror up to the wall.

And while I don't think they are NeNe vs Kim level enemies, I don't think they are doing each other any favors. So I'm thinking the green is out.

What do you think? Just go with various shades of blue? Ditch it all together and go with a totally different color, like coral (at the risk of hearing my husband complain about a coral bedroom)?

If only Kenny Rodgers sang more about color stories.


  1. I can totally relate to this post on so many levels, Elizabeth. Our bedroom has been greatly neglected since moving in just before baby#2's arrival and the painting dynamic is the same in this old house; I loathe cutting in and anything that requires that much patience. You did an awesome job. I may have to take the time to watch Sherry's video before I paint our basement.

    The paint color is so pretty. I think your blues would look great in there, or even something in the reds/orange/corally families if you're looking to switch it up. Whatever you do, I have no doubt it will be stunning.

  2. So many thoughts going through my head...but I can't hear them, because I just googled Pandora (I did not know what this was) and am now listening to MC Hammer singing, "Can't touch this"! This is the coolest radio thing...I'm an 80's girl. I don't love that color combo. Take it from someone who has tried to live with things that I don't love...it drives me crazy. It would be easier to find new accent colors to go with it...now it's Michael Jackson, sinning "Beat it". I am having a hard time multi-tasking. Listen to your gut.

    1. Linda, I'm so glad you've found Pandora! I can't get enough of it!!

  3. The ShurLine edger is your best friend, Liz. I think shades of blue with the navy would be nice, with some pops of coral!

  4. I love that you ask yourself WWYHLD?! Too funny!! I'll remember that next time I have a decorating dilemma! I do know what I would do though- NOT paint again (cause I'm lazy). If I liked the wall color I'd just decorate with colors that looked good with it. I really like your ideas of using blues with it. BUT if you're feeling strongly that you want to change the wall color than just go for it- better to do it now while you're already prepped for painting than months down the road when the room's already been put together. (Or to not do it at all and then be regretting it.) Just follow your heart girl! ;) I know you'll make it totally awesome!

  5. I just painted my master a couple of weeks ago...it was awful blue painted 2 weeks after baby #4, I haven't gotten much further than paint on the walls. I'd go navy...add some coral on your side of the bed, that should appease the hubby!

  6. Hey -- do you have an inspiration picture, or is it more something you've created in your head. I was going to say go with your gut, but everyone else already said that...

    You are always good for a laugh, BTW. Love your writing!

    1. Thanks Camille. Oh its 100% in my head lol. I'd started a mood board but never seemed to have the time to work on it which is actually pretty fitting since that's the story of the room itself. :)

  7. I think navy with pops of coral and cream/white would be nice. Maybe add some earthy elements in your accessories? We lived with a bright green kitchen/den area for years--I kept trying to convince myself that I loved the bright happy color. Go with what really makes your heart sing!

  8. I like the shades of blue with navy and coral... can't wait to see what you will do!

  9. Ooooh the possibilities! I have to agree with other comments here and say go for the navy with pops of coral and stark white. You could always change the pops of colour if you got sick of them and navy is so versatile?

  10. How about gray and coral? I do like the navy with coral idea too. Can't wait to see what you do :)

  11. Navy and coral! Maybe more coral on your side so you don't have to hear it from the complaint department like I do. Men! :)

  12. I love your color; and it's similar to mine, which is Sherwin Williams Jersey Cream; love it. I did my room decor (curtains, bed covers, shams, etc.,) so I can switch out. I have a summer set (white/smoke blue) and a winter set (burgundy/gold). I think you would do well with a soft, not harsh, blue. I love my filmy smoke blue burn out curtains (we have 6 windows in the master) and my JCP matelasse embroidered bed quilt and shams for summer. I predict you will love the yellow with a soft blue.

  13. I think the navy would be so nice! I love a classic navy and khaki or navy and cream. It will look so pretty with crisp whites too. Can't wait to see what you do.



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