May 22, 2012

party in the front, business in the back

My house is currently a reverse mullet.

All business in the back. The business of huge holes in my deck.

But its OK, because even if I could step out onto my deck, I'd have no way of walking down the stairs.

This adds a new level of fun to letting the dog outside, let me tell ya. However, the hubs has been hard at work and hopefully this will all be done by the end of the week.

So to counter the chaos in the back of the house, I added some party to my front. You know, to complete the mullet. Thanks to Linda, for the flower box inspiration.

I also have three different colors of paint on my hands and paint chips in my hair. 

This is going to be one productive week! What do you have planned for this week?


  1. Aww, thanks! What a mess in the does the dog get out? We have a patio in this house, but our previous house had a deck...I remember it well...always something. Do you help your husband? All hands on deck?

  2. Your opening sentence made me laugh out loud haha. Love the flower box - it looks so pretty!

  3. I feel your pain! We have been busy working like crazy in the yard. Nothing gets you motivated like hosting a party for 100 family and friends in your backyard! Best thing about enjoying all of your efforts when its done! "Pass the Margaritas, please"! :)

  4. Pretty box!

    I'm working on my house too...just added new plants to pots and created some beds in my Lily Garden. Also thinking about painting our hallway but that's only if I can get my butt in gear and clean the whole house for my daughter's 3rd birthday party this weekend!!! And if I can get hubs to help me hang two curtain rods, I'd be one happy camper with a room that's almost done!

  5. The window box is so pretty and a great way to distract from the construction going on in the back! I'm sure it will be worth it though when it's all finished--I love a good transformation. I wish I was being as productive as you this week but I am a temporary single parent as John is out of town for work and the kids and I are nursing a little cold. Maybe I can get in the baby's room and do some organizing though--you're inspiring me to try to do something!


  6. I don't have anything that big planned but that line always makes me laugh!!! Looks you are going to have an awesome deck!!!

  7. Sounds very much like my backyard. No plans for that anytime soon but love the flower box inspiration image!

  8. Oh so super pretty! I love window boxes... I have one window in the front for my new house and I plan on putting a window box up! Your deck will be great when it is done!

  9. Im doing a deck project as well, and what a mess--repairs, new steps, cleaning and still I have to stain the entire thing. At least we're motivated right now to get it done so we can use it! Good luck Elizabeth!

  10. Love the 'reverse mullet' analogy!! Your window box looks fantastic :) We're going to be ripping into our deck as well over the next week or two if the weather holds! In the meantime, I've been spending way too much money on flowers and plant pots but I do love a pretty flower-y garden... xxx

  11. How long did it take to finish the deck reconstruction? I checked out your other posts, and I saw the hard work that the handy hubs exerted on this project. They repaired the deck and the stairs, and they even stained it to become sturdier. They are the people behind the beautiful deck that you have right now.

    Renew Crew Clean


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