January 28, 2013

pig in a blanket

I had my sights set on a new secretary for my entry. Not the ‘here is your coffee and you have a call holding on line 2’ type of secretary (are they even called that anymore) but a nice little piece of furniture. It was old, but not too precious that I couldn’t paint or change it up in some way without feeling bad. Character and charm to spare and spots for all the entryway things one needs. Just what I had in mind.
Except, it was 2 inches too deep. Two. Damn. Inches. I could have stuffed it in and made it work. But it would have been like those tight jeans that you can’t wear sitting down; great for one night and then just a regret in your closet…or basement as the case may be. And really what sense would that make? 
I had thought it was a take it or leave it piece and I was the tough cookie who would walk away if we couldn’t get it for the right price. But those extra two inches rejected me before I could reject it. And now that it is for sure not coming home with me, I feel a new obsession to find its replacement.

Something even better. 

I’m going to show those two inches I can live a happy wonderful life without them. I will survive.

Do you have a piece that got away? Have you ever had a design idea that was perfect in your head but never worked out in real life? Do you know anyway to move a wall two inches without having to make structural changes?


  1. oooooh so elusive that perfect secretary. Mine is going to make my coffee and return voicemails. I currently have 56 new ones thanks to the beauty of visual vm. Whooops. I think you did the right thing in waiting. The perfect one will come along and make that spot proud. You'd be looking for a new one anyway if the other one wasn't just right.

  2. oh bummer! but the right piece is out there, you just have to wait for it!

  3. My sister has a secretary that used to belong to my grandmother it's so gorgeous and perfect- I'm jealous she got it! I think you might the right decision to wait- the perfect one will come along

  4. Boo...that makes me very sad for you!! I'm sure you'll find something even more fabulous, those two inches can suck it!!

  5. The First One! Identical to my Grandmother's. I gave it to my daughter years ago. I am going to send her a picture of it so she can see what it could be!
    Yes, I have run into my wonderful ideas not working due to space so many times I have lost count!
    A piece at the front door is hard! I have an empty corner that screams "fill me", but nothing works!

  6. damn those two inches? You couldn't have shaved those off the back of that thing? Or taken your wall back a mere two inches?

  7. yes, yes, yes...Like Phoebe said on Friends, "You need to find your lobster".

  8. Oh good Lord. This happened to me when I found a settee I was determined to make work in my eat-in kitchen and I brought it home and it failed miserably. Luckily I have a booth where I took it to sell - hopefully at a small profit. Hang in there - your piece is out there!


  9. Aww man. So close yet so far. Yes, I've had the same in times past but I find that normally, I will find something I love even more. You will be rewarded for your patience my dear, I promise! Those secretaries are gorgeous, love the simplicity of the first one xxx

  10. Better to turn away than be annoyed by the fact that it doesn't fit. Plus, as nice as the one you didn't get is, I think the one you wind up finding will be much nicer.

  11. I totally hear you and I love your inspiration pictures--I've actually used a few of them on my own blog in the past. Good luck with your secretary search. Things like this always work out for a reason and I know, if it were me, I would be totally obsessing over those 2 inches.

    Now following you here and on Pinterest. Have a great rest of your week!


  12. Yes, lots of pieces like that! But you did the right thing in leaving it- much better finding somethign thats perfect and does work, rather than trying to make what clearly doesnt work, work.

  13. I have been searching for one too! They are so hard to find. They are in such good shape I cannot afford them or do not have the heart to paint them. Good luck with your search.


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