January 10, 2014

fess up friday - lekalia interiors

First Fess Up Friday of the new year people. Can I get a "what what"! 

Today I'm excited to have my friend Leslie of Lekalia Interiors over. You probably already know Leslie from her amazing store on Etsy but you should also know that Leslie is a triple threat in the design world. Girlfriend can design a pretty fab room, reupholster the furniture to go in said fab room and then top it all off with pillows she's made herself. Just check out some of her work here. I'm thinking Leslie, you need to live closer to me. 

Hi Everyone!
 I'm so excited that Elizabeth asked me to participate in Fess Up Friday! I love reading her blog and love that she tells it like it is.  I mean, she had me at 'ruh roh' (during this post) and what's better than laughing and smiling and learning along with the blogs that you read? Nuttin!

 So my little thing that I want to 'fess up' to today is my tray obsession

I began using trays as centerpiece vignettes in the houses that I staged last summer for my real estate staging business...

A little tray here.....

And a little tray there....

Then I made a tray for my BFF for her birthday....

Then, I created a tray for the Blue & White Bash over at The Pink Pagoda...

Then I created a 'Tray of the Day' series on my blog....

Then Linda from Calling it Home blogged about some great bargains including a fab tray and a clothing steamer... and I bought both (because of her!) and sent her this 'tray of the day' pic to make her giggle....

Then I styled it up for the Holidays....

And after rearranging a few thing-a-ma-jigs in my house.... here is today's tray!

So I wonder....does anyone else have an obsession with trays?  
Come on, Fess Up! :)

Thank you Elizabeth!  You are the bestest!


  1. Hi Leslie and E, what a fantastic collection of tray styling. Leslie, that picture still makes me laugh. I stress over tray styling. It does not come easy to me and you do it so well. I did buy a new tray/board from Chez V...hopefully I can style it up soon.

  2. Hi Ladies, LOVE this post and this series. That tray you made for The Bash is gorgeous, Leslie! I'm new to the tray world, but used two on nightstands in my last ORC and realized immediately that they are so helpful with styling. Now, I'm looking for one for another room. Y'all have a great weekend!!

  3. My husband recently commented on my tray obsession by asking if I was going to put a tray on every flat surface in the house. I love them on my bathroom counters to corral the clutter that stays out all the time and they are so great for styling. I have been hoarding silver trays for entertaining all of my adult life too.

  4. hahaha!! loved this! So fun. I do adore trays as well and decorating around them. Now I know where to grab some inspiration from. These are fab.

  5. Trays are great! I use them all over the house. Rarely use them as trays!!!

  6. Trays make everything look better, don't they?! I've never thought of using a tray as part of a birthday gift - totally love that idea!

  7. Love the trays and yes, I think I have too many (or can that possibly be?). Happy Weekend! xo

  8. Yes...I too love me a good tray! Even my 20yr old son asked for one to "put on his coffee table to store remotes and stuff" in his Fraternity House! Ha! Good ideas cant be denied!

  9. Ha! This is so true. I don't feel like a vignette is complete now without a tray. Unless a collection has a tray or a big book underneath it, it feels disconnected to me. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

  10. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks again for allowing me to be here today!! Have a happy happy weekend!

  11. Leslie you are not alone! I love a good tray about as much as I love a basket. Keep the confessions coming Elizabeth!

  12. In my one room studio apartment I have exactly five trays. Do I have anything to put in some of these trays? Nope, not a thing. Will I buy more trays? Probably. Love this fess up!

  13. I have a fascination with trays! I am most in love with my clear lucite one from cb2, I need to get another one! And silver trays, love how they look.

  14. Definitely have an obsession with trays! I'm currently sat in my dining room which looks on to the kitchen and can count 6 within view. Hmmm. I think the first step is admitting you have a problem ... which of course I refuse to do because dammit, I like them too.


  15. Tray chic! I don't have an odession with trays but after seeing this you've given me a whole new out look for my dining room table. Thank you.

  16. Ok love this because my tray obsession is unreal! Whether I'm at Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, thrift store, garage sale I always zone in on the tray for sale and my daughter looks at me and says "Really mom…really"! So glad I'm not the only one!

  17. That is too funny and I am so glad I'm not alone with the trays!! My husband asked - how many trays do we NEED in this house? I have to send him this post.

  18. Beautiful tray styling. My husband doesn't get the tray thing either. Haha.

  19. ohhhhh i love that room with yellow pops. can you ever have enough trays??


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