August 11, 2015

you've got to kiss a lot of frogs

A quick note first to say THANK YOU all for your kind words about the blue and white event we will no longer mention. Each and every one of you put a smile on this mom's face. As Dolly Parton said, "Laughter thru tears is my favorite emotion."

I often do posts on here and on Instagram of the wonderful things I find when I'm out and about in the grand world of antique stores. However, I think sometimes all of those grand finds may mislead you to think I am always finding great things. OR, that I only go to stores that have wall to wall awesome.

Not the case my friends.

As my grandmother used to say about estate sales - you've got to kiss a lot of frogs. For every great thing I find, there are 10 horrible things I see. Really that's optimistic, it is probably closer to 30 horrible things, but you get the idea. So, I thought I'd share some of them not only for a good laugh, but to show that in a store full of crazy crap, there can often be a great gem. Don't write off a place by what you see in the window. And with that, I think I'm fresh out of clichés. Let's shop.

Oh the irony. A sign about everything being for sale, with a big fat NFS tag on it. The dreaded NFS (Not For Sale )is something that usually makes me angry to no end, but in this case I was quite alright with it.

Slap my ass, that is certainly a piece of work.

There are always spooky old dolls. Always.

Perfectly normal item to see. But not really.

Just don't.

If you were going as Run DMC for Halloween, these would actually be useful.

Clowns, are pretty ubiquitous, as is bad art. So this one scores on both counts.

Taxidermy is also pretty common, unfortunately. But notice this is just inches away from great silver and gold champaign buckets and just opposite the isle from the booth where I got my bamboo bench.

Body parts. In a bag.


And my favorite piece of all. This has been in one of my favorite shops for at least two years. I'm all for ironic art, and I enjoy good humor,  but this is not for me. Or apparently anyone else. Two years.

So remember, it only takes one good item to make a "crappy store" turn into that "cute little place you found that great (fill in the blank here)". There is never a shop I'll refuse to check out. The thrill of the unknown is just too great. I have a pretty regular list of places that I stop in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on their success rate. And if you go often enough, you can breeze thru a place in under 15 minutes making it a great thing to do in between appointments, when you are a little early on your way to pick up or anytime you have a free patch of time.

Where are your places to shop? Do you get overwhelmed by the places with wall to wall 'stuff'? Need help finding something? Email me, and I'll find it for you.

Cheers to the hunt!


  1. Oh, this is hilarious! So true!! Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. this post was so good. sitting at my desk at work laughing. thanks for the honesty and hilarity

  3. Ahhh this is such a good reminder!! When I see people posting things on IG and on their blogs, I can't help but think that the shops there in the US must be so much better than they are in the UK - nope. Looks like you guys have the same crap!! Ha! Love the NFS one - that did give me a chuckle ;) Also, I'm so gutted about your blue and white collection - I actually said, 'NOOOOO!!' outloud whilst reading it. My condolences... xxx

  4. Totally with you. I got a high end Sheraton settee for $350 at the junkiest junk shop ever and so many other scores in bizarre spots.
    The art you found is hilarious!

  5. You made me laugh out loud! You are so right about so many junky things out there that it's almost comical, almost. The art you found was hilarious! I too have found great treasures in junky places. Love the hunt!

  6. HA! Your daughter next to the bear and the mountain goat (that goat is really creepy lol) cracks me up! What store is this in STL? I'm from Southern Illinois and I come up to STL and regularly stop by the 2 on Big Bend but I'm trying to expand my horizons! Thanks!

  7. I want to have a reality TV show and force designers to creatively use some of these "finds." :) For real, though, I need to do a better job of shopping. I just don't go often enough.

  8. The dolls always freak me out. I can just picture them coming to life at night :D I feel frustrated anymore when I shop antique or junk stores. Prices are just ridiculous. Where are the deals?! Even Craigslist is a bust for me. Maybe the problem is I'm too cheap ;)

  9. Clown art is always around every corner!

  10. I feel your pain...the gems are definitely few and far between...I always have to remind myself to be patient!! Oy, those dolls!! I can't handle them...I think I have a phobia!

  11. This is hilarious and so true!! Most do not realize how much crap we sort through to find the treasures. You have such a flare for telling it like it is!!!

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